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Top 49 Shawn Mendes Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Shawn Mendes pick up lines that always work, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Shawn Mendes tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. What you want isn't in my blood, only a simple good fuck. (In My Blood)

  2. Damn girl, you know I am gonna hit it. (Something Big)

  3. Girl whenever you get close to cum, I'll let you take control yeah. (There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back)

  4. Better than he can, any girl like you deserves amazing fucking. (Treat You Better)

  5. Are you overwhelmed and insecure? Just have a dick and you'll feel better. (In My Blood)

  6. Spending my night reading sexts from you, can't sleep without thinking about fucking you. (If I Can't Have You)

  7. Girl, your boobs will fit right in my hands. (Señorita)

  8. I'll have you leave him, one more fuck is all it takes. (Afterwave)

  9. If you're feeling kinda horny, baby I want to make you mine. (Kid in Love)

  10. Baby, I can't fuck any girl that's not you. (If I Can't Have You)

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Set me free girl, have mercy and suck on my cock. (Mercy)

Babe, I don't meant to hurt you, but I will sure tear your pussy apart tonight.

Take my dick, promise we'll be fine. I won't let you down. (Treat You Better)

Take your last thrust, it's like that feeling when you're just about to cum. (Something Big)

shawn mendes pickup line
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I'll make you cum all over like a puppet on my string. (Mercy)

Ready for something big? Feel it pushing and pulling. Your pussy grabbing me. (Something Big)

I know we just met, maybe it's just my dick in love oh baby. (Kid In Love)

Take this cock and start a fire babe. (Something Big)

Would you please have pussy, pussy on my face?. (Mercy)

If we bounce our hips, the bed will shake. (Something Big)

I'll be inside when you feel wrong. (This Is What It Takes)

Needle and thread, gotta get you into my bed. (Stitches)

shawn mendes pickup line
Working Shawn Mendes tinder opener

I need you now. (In My Blood)

Nothing holding me back, picture us naked. (There's Nothing Holding' Me Back)

Ohh babe I want you coming for me. (Señorita)

Sexing means nothing if I can't have you come. (If I Can't Have You)

Whoa oh oh oh I feel it happening. Feeling high? (Something Big)

No one left me quite this sore, come baby blow me back to life. (Stitches)

Babe, moan so loud that the walls will break. (Something Big)

Babe, you are my señorita. (Señorita)

Baby tonight I am prepared and gladly do it twice, ejecting all the load inside my pump. (Mercy)

Baby, I can treat you better and giving you the loving you're missing. (Treat You Better)

Baby, tonight is the night to take it way too far. (There's Nothing Holding' Me Back)