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Top 38 Stuffing Pick Up lines

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  1. Now that we've had some turkey are you ready for the stuffing.

  2. I didn't get enough stuffing today, think you could give me some more?

  3. That turkey ain't the only thing getting stuffed this holiday.

  4. Do you like stuffing?

  5. Screw stuffing a turkey this Thanksgiving; just come stuff me!

  6. Are you a taxidermist? Ok, wanna try stuffing my kitty anyway?

  7. I hope that turkey's not the only thing about to get stuffed.

  8. Are you my emotions?

    Because I want you to be stuffed deep inside of me

  9. Are you an oreo?

    Cus I’d like you double-stuffed

  10. I’d love to see your spread and give you stuffing.

stuffing pickup line
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Funny stuffing pickup lines

Are you an oreo?
Because I’ll make you double stuffed

Do you want to get double stuffed?

Damn babe, are you into pet play?

Cause you could be my stuffed animal

Are you an Oreo?

Because you'd be better double stuffed

stuffing pickup line
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Are you a Taylor?

'cause there are some holes in my birthday suit that need stuffing

works better for women.

I hope you brought Sudafed...
...because you’re about to get stuffed up.

You're gonna be getting something stuffed into you soon.

Hey girl are you a text book

Because you sure are thick and stuffed with knowledge

Damn girl are you an Oreo?

You looking mighty fine with that double stuffed ass.

Are you like thanksgiving turkey?

Because I got my stuffing ready for you.

You must be a turkey

Because I’d love stuffing you

Are you a turkey

Cause I wanna get to stuffing

stuffing pickup line
Working Stuffing tinder opener

If sexy were McDonalds, you would be double stuffed.

Could i borrow one of your bowling bowls you have stuffed in your back pocket

I hope you have a big box, because I'm stuffing this oversized package in it.

If sexy were an Oreo. you would be double stuffed

You must put a lot stuffing in your buns, because I want to eat it all.

If sexy were an oreo, you'd be double stuffed!

Okay, here’s the deal: I’ll let you take the last stuffed crust frozen pizza if you let me take you to dinner. At your house. Where we’ll be having frozen pizza.

I'm not afraid of commitment – my fridge is stuffed with Kerrygold.

I'm studying to be a Taxidermist. Can I practice stuffing your pussy?

For the first time, we are going to have a HAPPY Thanksgiving. This year, I am stuffing the turkey with Prozac!

Hope your Turkey is moist and your stuffing in fluffy and when you're done eating you'll be nice and stuffy.