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Top 50 Meat Pick Up lines

Do you love meat or you are selling and serving meat at a business? Use these meat related pick up lines about different types of meat like beef, pork, chicken, or sausage. You might also relate these pick up lines about meat to vegetarian or vegetarianism. Impress and flirt with your loved one about their vegetarian or vegan diet. These meat-related pick up lines can be used as flirty and dirty comments.

  1. Ay girl are you a grill?

    Cause you look like something I wanna slap my meat on.

  2. I am a vegan but I willing to make an exception.

    Will you let me eat your meat?

  3. Are you a piece of bread?

    Cause I like to put a piece of meat in between those buns

  4. Are you my ketchup bottle because I want you to squirt on my meat

  5. I’m a burrito

    Fill me with meat and sour cream.

  6. I hope you aren't vegan

    Because I want you to taste this meat

  7. Hey Girl are you butter?

    Hey Girl are you butter? Cause I wanna spread you on my meat.

  8. Hey girl i think you're PETA

    Coz i dont think you can handle this meat

  9. Are you a Minecraft smoker??

    Cuz I wanna put my raw meat in you

  10. Hey girl. Are you a chef?

    Cause you’re really good at rubbing my meat.

meat pickup line
What is a Meat pickup line?

Working meat pickup lines

How about I check your internal temperature with my meat thermometer?

Hey girl. My meat isn't least, not without your consent.

How bout I punch your ballot with my meat mallet?

I might be a vegetarian,

But your meat is an exception!

meat pickup line
This is a funny Meat pickup line!

You’d make for a delicious vegan alternative to meat.

Hey girl it's burger week
Why is my meat not in between your buns

Wanna see my meat walk-in?

Hey baby, wanna play lion? You can be the meat!

Nice to meat you, now lettuce salsa.

Hey girl, do you know the difference between you and my refrigerator?

The refrigerator doesn’t moan when I put my meat in it

Damn girl are you an air fryer? Bc you’re hot asf and I wanna put my meat inside of you.

Wanna come back to my place and play a game of "lion tamer"? That's where you get down on all fours, roar at me, and I toss my meat in.


meat pickup line
Working Meat tinder opener

I love a good piece of rare meat and you are looking pretty succulent.

I hope you're not a vegetarian...

Because I would love to put some meat in you!

Let me sauce up your taco meat baby!

You don’t have to go to Subway

To get 6 Inches of Meat Between your Buns

Hey girl.. are you a live stock farmer?

You really raise my meat.

You’re so hot I could roast my meat on you, baby.

I'm like a carnivorous T-Rex, I like your meat.

Good evening Ladies. You can call me Subway.

Because I've got low quality meat and lie about being 6 inches

Hey girl, are you a burger?

Because I wanna put my meat in your buns

Babe, you want some Krabby Patty, you got the buns and I got the meat.

Babe, there's no I in our team. But I will make sure that you will get a lot of MEAT.