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Top 50 Temple Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Temple pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include killer conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. Can I put my master sword in your temple of time?

  2. I'd like to dig into your temple and watch things explode.

  3. When I look into you’re eyes I get more lost then I did in the Fire Temple.

  4. Hey Girl! You are more beautiful than temple square in December.

  5. I love to see the temple. I'll (You'll) take you (me) there someday.

  6. I'll let you see my temple recommend if you let me see yours

  7. I would Skyward Strike in your sacred temple.

  8. Instead of sealing our lips together, lets get sealed in the temple first!

  9. Girl, you must be tired cause you've been Temple Running' through my mind all night.

  10. If you were a temple i'd run all over you.

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What is a Temple pickup line?

Funny temple pickup lines

What is your favorite Temple? I’m looking at mine.

Hey girl. Do you know what the Temple veil and I have in common?

We're both ripped.

My body is a temple, so make sure you take your shoes off before you come in.

I know your name isn't Zelda, but I'll put my master sword in your temple of time.

temple pickup line
This is a funny Temple pickup line!

The water temple's not the only thing that's gonna be hard tonight.

Hey, girl. Let me put my sword in your Temple of Time.

My body's a temple, and you have a recommend.

I'll put my Master Sword in your Temple of Time.

Girl, you got me harder than the Water Temple.

My penis is so long they should call it the water temple.

Girl together we make the Water Temple cause you're wet and I'm hard.

Can I be your Water Temple?

Because I want to make you lose your mind as you get wet

temple pickup line
Working Temple tinder opener

The bible says your body is a temple...

Good thing I'm a heathen because I intend to desecrate that temple.

Your body is a temple.

But viewing it from the outside is only half the fun. May I explore the interior?

God said your body was a temple,

And I just wanna cum inside and pray.

Let go of your material possession and come to bed with me.

Let's just enjoy having sex this moment and not thing about the past or the future. No attachments.

Life is a process of constantly letting go. Let go of your new life and embrace the new one with me!

Life is kind of a challenge. Want to do it with me?

Looking for Nirvana? after a few drinks , I will take you there!

Making you smile is my path of service.

My karma ran over my dogma....

Reincarnation is so great because here we are meeting again.