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Top 6 Violin Pick Up lines

Are you playing the violin? Or do you want to hit on that beautiful violinist? Use these violin related pick up lines about different violin playing techniques, violin playing positions, strings, and music notes. We have plenty of pick up lines to help you get the girl or guy that plays the violin!

  1. Hey girl, you're just like my violin.

    As long as you're mine you'll never get played.

  2. Hey, are you a violin?

    Because you look like you need to rest on my shoulder.

  3. Girl, are you a violin?

    Because I like the sound you make when my bow is on your G string.

  4. Are you a violin?

    Your G-string is real nice

  5. You play the violin and I’ll play the piano...

    And we can duet

  6. Are you a violin... because

    A.) you got mad curves

    B.) I’d finger you any day

    C.) i wanna make some sound from your f holes