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Top 25 Biggest Pick Up lines

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  1. I have the biggest power shaft in town.

  2. You're the biggest investment that I've ever made.

  3. Do you like big things

    Because I'm the biggest failure you'll get to know

  4. I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake.

  5. There are biosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere but losing you is my biggestsphere (biggest fear)

  6. I've got the biggest torch in Rio and I'm looking for someone to blow it out

  7. You know there’s a planet made of all diamonds

    Yet, you’re still the biggest gem

  8. I may not be the biggest of calibers but...

    I'm still good at penetrating.

  9. If you ever doubt yourself dear, believe in me… I am your biggest fan.

  10. Do you realize we’re this country’s biggest tourist attraction?

    You’re the Angel, and I’m Fallin’.

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Funny biggest pickup lines

I just went to a fireworks shop
And asked for their biggest bomb. They gave me a picture of you

I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life leaving the mall

With out taking down your number.

If being pretty is a crime

Then you are committing the biggest crime

I've got the biggest torch in sochi and I'm looking for someone to blow it out

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I hate to brag, but I have the biggest Philip K. Dick collection of books on Good Reads.

The Arizona desert's full of cacti, but I've got the biggest prick.

Going out with you would be my biggest break since the rural juror

Hey baby! I got the biggest exhaust pipe you'll ever see!

We've got to risk implosion. We may explode into the biggest fireball this part of the galaxy has seen, but we've got to take that one (in (a (million chance. (Captain Kirk in Star Trek,The Naked Time(Alternatively:Sometimes a feeling is all we humans have to go on. (A Taste for Armageddon)

Your lips, my biggest weakness. Shouldn't have let you know…

I'll bet my hard drive is the biggest you've ever seen.

I'm the biggest lady-killer in Buffalo since O.J. Simpson.

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Working Biggest tinder opener

What's the biggest moving musle in a womens body. My cock!