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Top 34 Favourite Pick Up lines

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  1. My favourite ore in this game isn't the diamond, but your heart.

  2. Hey, are you my favourite C language...

    Because you are looking sharp

  3. Goblin's favourite target is resources, but my fav is you.

  4. You’re like my favourite chocolate bar - half sweet and half nuts!

  5. My favourite attractive force is van del Waals' force. Can you feel it? I'll sit closer if you can't.

  6. Pizza is my second favourite thing to eat in bed.

  7. Smile

    Of all the curves on your body, your smile is my favourite..

  8. If you're a tweet, you'd be my only favourite.

  9. What’s your favourite sex position?

    Mine is the JFK. We’d be in the backseat, I splatter all over you and you scream.

  10. Where is your favourite place in the world?

    Because mine is right next to you

    (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

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Funny favourite pickup lines

I've been around the world...
And my favourite place is by your side

50% of the time works every time

So , you come to a girl and ask her: What's your name? For example she says emily. Now you say: Oh that's my second favourite name. Now she will ask:And what's the first? Then you tell her your name and followed by nice to meet you. Sorry for bad english..

Being with you is like...

Listening to my favourite song.

I always spell "favourite" with a "U"

Because u are my favourite

favourite pickup line
This is a funny Favourite pickup line!

7.594 tits on this planet

And your right one is my favourite

Edit : Billion

Hey Girl are you my favourite video game
Cause I'd love to spend all my time on you

I think you're size Me...

Cause you fit me better than my favourite hoodie

- Day 83

What is your favourite planet?

Mine is definitely Uranus

Roses are red, my favourite drink is rum...

Drink it and lay down while I make you cum

- Day 124

Hey girl, what's your favourite piano song?

Mine is "River Flows In You"

My personal favourite position is grenade

If you don’t hold me when we start I’ll explode in 5 seconds

I love cheese, my favourite one is cheddar

Can I please be your woody womb pecker?

favourite pickup line
Working Favourite tinder opener

Are you my favourite beer!!

Because I want to finish you off in one go!!

Wanna know my favourite alphabet in English?


Lollipops are my favourite

but maybe I could try yours

Are you from Central America?

Because my favourite characteristics… you’ve Guatemal.

Tunisia’s my favourite country name….

because it puts U N I together.

Damn you seem nice, what's your favourite dinosaur?

Then make her talk about dinosaurs for some time

What's your favourite position when you're out in the field? Reverse Consultant or Missionary? How about Emancipatory Style?

Trombones can do seven positions, and baby, my favourite’s on the floor.

The "Angry Walrus" is my favourite sexual trick.

What's your favourite position?