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Top 38 Drug Store Pick Up lines

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  1. Apply me to your sensitive area.

  2. Are you an Advil. Cause I'd like to take you every 2-4 hours.

  3. Babe, is ur middle name Desyrel? because you gave me a priapism.

  4. Baby I'm like Efavirenz. Go out with me and let me take your nightmares away.

  5. Baby, I will Medicare for you all night.

  6. Baby, there ain't no placebo for what I can give you.

  7. Even Pepcid AC can't stop my haert's burning for you.

  8. Girl you must be norepinephrine, because you make my heart race!

  9. Girl you must be Sotalol, because you prolong my QT interval

  10. Girl you're so expensive my insurance is requiring a prior authorization before our first date.

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Funny drug store pickup lines

Hey baby, you are like a SSRI antipsychotic. It only makes sense when you are with me.

Hey baby, you are like Mannitol always pleasant taste and cool.

Hey girl, I heard you are the pharmacist. Here is my new methadone prescription. See you everyday for the rest of our lives.

Hey, I'm like acetaminophen I'll make sure all your pains go away when we're together.

How about Pen G and Plan B?

I don't always get C2 prescriptions, but when I do, I get ten at a time.

I got your suppository right here, baby.

I have sugar free methadone because I’m sweet enough

I must have a low creatinine clearance, because I can't seem to get you out of my mind.

I think I can stop my risedronate from now on because you have significantly increased my bone strength.

I want to take you over the counter.

I'm your Plan A... we'll worry Plan B later.

If eye contact occurs, strip down and rinse off immediately.

Is it me or is there an interaction between us?

Is that a Zoladex in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

Is that a Zpak in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Is your name flecainide? Because u just made my heart skip a beat.

Must be taken orally.

Put your white coat on, you’ve pulled…

Reasons to date a pharmacist:
Pharmacists can do more than lick and stick.
Pharmacists have a long duration of action.
Pharmacists Rx rated.
Pharmacists find new routes of administration.
Pharmacists do it over the counter.
Pharmacists are patient lovers.
Pharmacists accept third parties.
Pharmacists have a quick reconstitution time.
Pharmacists do it without breaks.
You will want no substitution.

So you're gonna have to blow me for those pills...

Take twice-daily or as desired.

Would you prefer something to suck on?

Yes, we carry placebos, but you will need a fake prescription.

You must be a Class III, because you got my heart racing.