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7 Pharmacist Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey you're a pretty good looking pharmacist.

  2. Are you a pharmacist? Because I am a patient and I heard you are patient lovers.

  3. I am a pharmacists, I do it without breaks and I go all day long.

  4. A long one

    So yesterday I had to go to the pharmacist to drop off my prescription. There was an absurdly long line all being held up by this woman who couldn't find her ID. She was looking through her purse, pockets, everything. She kept repeating "I know I have it, I know I have it." This goes on for at least 10 whole minutes. Eventually she gave up and left. As she walked by me to leave I saw the look of pure defeat on her face. After 2 more people it was finally my turn. I gave the pharmacist my prescription. He looked at me with a puzzled expression and asked why I just gave him my prescription. Being also confused, I said "this is drop off right?"
    He looked at me and said "No, this is the pickup line."

  5. For the name Madison: Are you a pharmacist?

    Because I need my Madison!!

  6. Hey girl, I heard you are the pharmacist. Here is my new methadone prescription. See you everyday for the rest of our lives.

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Reasons to date a pharmacist:
Pharmacists can do more than lick and stick.
Pharmacists have a long duration of action.
Pharmacists Rx rated.
Pharmacists find new routes of administration.
Pharmacists do it over the counter.
Pharmacists are patient lovers.
Pharmacists accept third parties.
Pharmacists have a quick reconstitution time.
Pharmacists do it without breaks.
You will want no substitution.

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