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Top 50 shop Pick Up lines

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  1. Let's go shopping. Clothes are 100% off at my house.

  2. Come to Italy; I'll pay for everything, AND take you shopping.

  3. I had to clean my filter twice after I saw how beautiful you are, because I couldn’t believe my Arabicas.

  4. I’ve got a love story for you: Long black meets flat white.

  5. I bet you don’t like drips.

  6. If you need to take it slow, I can cold-brew.

  7. Hark! An angel has fallen to grounds.

  8. I like my ladies like I like my coffee - a hot shock to the lap.

  9. You’re looking very non-fat these days.

  10. Do you want me to grind that for you?

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Latest shop chat up lines

I’m very gentle on the frothing knob.

Wanna go on a doppio date?

Cute girl asked who I was

I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I've learned after 21 years - you never know what is gonna come through that door.

I know you’ve turned me down before, but I’m asking for an extra shot.

You’d better go to the armour shop, because we're gonna need some protection.

Are you a faulty French press because I'd like to be burned by you and recall you afterwards.

Girl, I wanna take you doorbell shopping
So I can show you a special dingdong

Is that a steam wand in your pocket?

That's a nice mug you got on ya.

Are you a shopping cart?

Because I wanna drop my meat in you (stolen from a friend at school)

Do you work at a pie shop?

Cause you make my Banana Cream

How do you impress a hot computer nerd chick sitting over at the coffee shop?

“Are you an exception? Let me catch you.”

Nerdy one

Yo this smooth as hell, yall cant laugh at me

Me: hey do you know where "me saying an name of shop"

Her: yes that way

Me: and ehm..Your number? (Shows phone)

Bruh this is smooth as hell right

Baby, chai-know you’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout me.

Pickup line for a girl named Charley

Pronounced Shar-Lee
Works at a coffee shop

Hey girl. Do you like shopping?

Well, I have a sale at my house. Clothes, 100% off.

Call me a shopping trolley...

Cause give me a pound and I’ll give you a ride

Are you my shopping?

Cos i want to pack u in my trunk and drive off.

My heart and yours,

At the butcher shop hanging.

I just went to a fireworks shop

And asked for their biggest bomb. They gave me a picture of you

Can you pass the coffee and sugar because you just made me cream in my pants

Can I get your number? Because I like you a latte.

Can I buy you a coffee sometime?

Can I borrow your outlet (Laptop/Cell Phone)?

I give a killer massage.