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Top 47 Lizzo Pick Up lines

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  1. Girl, you look good as hell. (Good as Hell)

  2. Are you alone boy? Come give me some. (Boys)

  3. Babe for all this ass, I promise I won't go flat. (Tempo)

  4. Babe, I'll get you dripping so much sauce. That's how my tongue rolls. (Juice)

  5. Babe, you are my baddest bitch. (Juice)

  6. Babe, you so pretty and so ditty. (Water Me)

  7. Blame it on your juice? I am going to slurp your juice. (Juice)

  8. Choo choo, let's get em sweatin and getting thicker. (Water Me)

  9. Come eat some of this pussy cakey. (Tempo)

  10. Don't discriminate, come and blow me dry anytime. (Boys)

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Fucking feelings, I love you. (Cuz I Love You)

Girl, by the time I am done, you won't be able to get me out of your hair. (Truth Hurts)

Girl, got tempo? Let's fuck it up to the beat. (Tempo)

Girl, I want to fuck it up, inside your little buttercup. (Tempo)

Girl, need to take off your cloths, time to focus down on you. (Good as Hell)

Girl, you got some Booty Vicious. (Fitness)

Gonna make you shine with some amazing sex. (Juice)

Hey girl, hurting? Feel like a goddess with this great man. (Truth Hurts)

I am coming to water you babe, let it simmer. (Water Me)

I can make a girl go crazy, come and get a taste. (Boys)

I don't fuck with lies, I just straight fuck. (Truth Hurts)

I don't need your heart to break. I can always just break your pussy. (Truth Hurts)

I got a bottle of Tequila, ready to party? (Good as Hell)

I know my dick's hard, but you have to try. (Good as Hell)

I need to boilin it up all night in your pot. (Water Me)

I wanna freak you, I heard you want to freak too. (Boys)

I won't do you wrong, I am making you feeling right. (Good as Hell)

Independent, athletic, I know you want it, I am working on my stiffness. (Fitness)

Keep it moving, gonna make you touch the sky babe. (Good as Hell)

Keep it pushing all night long baby. (Truth Hurts)

Knuckle up and buckle up, I know you want to get on this ride. (Tempo)

Legendary twerk skills girl, let's go. (Tempo)

Let's get down and show you I roll in your pudding. (Juice)

Me a man in the sheets, a freak too. (Boys)

No limit, you are my inspiration. (Water Me)