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Top 23 prime Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of Prime chat up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. They include pickup lines, comebacks, and hugot lines that actually works like the best Tinder openers.

  1. You must be the leader of the autobots because that pussy is PRIME.

  2. Baby u can violate my prime directive any day.

  3. Me cannon’s primed and loaded.

  4. Call me Amazon Prime

    Cuz if you give me orders I’ll come fast

  5. I have Amazon Prime.

  6. You must be an autobot. Cause that pussy is prime!

  7. Are you a Prime Time Player baby? Because you're worth millions of dollars.

  8. Hey girl, are you an orangutan?

    Cause you look like a prime mate ;)

  9. Do you work for amazon ?

    Because that ass is prime.

  10. Your presence at the bar is violating the Prime Directive.

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Are you an amazon prime customer ?
Because you're going to recieve my package by tomorrow.

Are you optimus prime?

Because I want to transform you into my girlfriend.

If this bar is a meat market,

you must be the prime rib.

I am always prime time.

I'm always prime time.

Baby, If I was a transformer I'd be called Orgasmic Prime.

Don’t prime the pump unless you want to squirt a little water.

If Twitter is a meat market, you must be the prime rib.

You're a prime example of why I appreciate the beauty in life.

Did you know women typically reach their sexual prime in their 30s and 40s? And you are ripened!

You may not be Miss Jean Brodie, but I can tell you're in your Prime.

Will you be my prime consultatnt?

I want to have more meetings with you than Magnussen had with the prime minister.