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  1. You are proof that God has a sense of humor.

  2. Natures a lot better at inventing wonder than we are, and you're living proof.

  3. You are living proof that Australia was colonized by criminals, because it's 'criminal' how good you look.

  4. There is no burden of proof of how good you are.

  5. That bottle of whiskey is 40% ABV. Do you really need any more proof to come home with me tonight?

  6. Wanna know why I drive a fire proof forklift ?

    Cause I'm about to drop off a hot load

  7. Your ass is proof that the earth isn’t flat

    Because you’re my world.

  8. Fool proof pickup line

    Go up to a girl smoking a cigarette and say "excuse me but smoking isn't allowed here"
    Then when she reacts say "oh, I didn't even know you had a cigarette; I was talking about you because you are smoking"

    You're welcome.

  9. We are living in the end times foretold to us in the Holy Bible. World War 3 has been pre-planned to begin this summer of 2019. Proof inside.

    If you do then you need to understand what is truly going on in this world. You need to seek the truth.

    I have made a video to prove to you exactly what is going on. For there is not much time left before World War 3 starts (which has been pre-planned to begin 2019 for many decades).

    Just type in the following on YouTube and watch it:

    Exposing the Truth - End Times Documentary

  10. Hey girl, you wanna go out in public with me some time?

    Because I'd love showing off to the entire world that you're with me.

    We can go anywhere you want to go. I'll buy dinner and pay for our movie tickets too. Genuinely no expectation for sex because just knowing you want to spend time with me would get me off. We can get ice creams and lick each other's flavors. Like in super slow motion. If you choke on something I'm going to do everything in my power to keep you alive because when we do have sexual intercourse it will only be with your not dead body. Every time I see you my heart does multiple somersaults inside and I wish you could somehow feel that feeling it gives me so you'd have some idea of how fully head over heels I am for you and that luscious body you're packing into that outfit of yours. When we do make sweet love to each other's bodies you will always finish first. In fact if you don't bust a lady nut I won't be busting a jizz nut either. If you send me nudes not only will I never share them with anybody else ever I will also make sure and keep them inside encrypted folders on external drives that I keep in my 6 foot fire proof safe. Any time I use them to pleasure my weiner dong I'll make sure to put the nudes back into the safe immediately. Before I even clean up the mess you made me make because I was thinking about you and you got me so horny I couldn't even properly prepare ahead of time and get the paper towels ready so I just launched the baby batter right into my belly button. And when our date is over I'm going to be waiting by my phone anxiously awaiting your next texts to find out when I can set eyes on you again. What really confuses me is how I survived all my life without you because now that I know you girl, I can't live another moment without you in my life.

    Ok so, pick you up around 5?

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Who said god aint real there's an angel roaming around us .
If that's not enough proof of god . Then no one knows what is. No more an atheist.

Mines bigger than his want proof?

You know how they say everything's bigger in Texas? Want proof?

I like my men the way I like my mathematical proofs: hard, formal, and 90% male.

Are you Fool proof, or can I trick you into buying me a drink?

Baby, my proof of stake will surely satisfy your selection.

Skeptical about my abilities in bed? Don't worry. I can provide tons of proof.

My extensive Master Grade Gunpla collection is just proof of my magic fingers.

There is no burden of proof for how fine you are.

Baby, you must be a printer’s proof, because everyone else here is just a copy of you.

They say milk does a body good, but you're living proof!