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  1. So are you up for some preventive or corrective action?

  2. Is it hot in here or did you just use 'whom' correctly?

  3. Damn girl, you have more curves than my ergonomically-correct keyboard.

  4. Is it politically correct to say you make me feel, er, politically erect?

  5. There are only 24 letters in my alphabet...

    "All I'm missing is 'U'!"

    If they don't correct you and say that that only makes 25 letters, they aren't worth your time, give up. If they do notice...
    "Don't worry, you'll get the 'D' later"

  6. (here's a one for you furs) Are you a dutch angle dragon? Cause you're acute one!

    For those who don't get it, the correct spelling is Dutch Angel Dragon, instead of angle

  7. For use on people that don’t speak the same mother tongue as you

    You: Can I correct your English? To help you learn
    Them: Yeah you can correct me.
    You: Then correct me if I say we have chemistry

  8. I may not be into gardening. . .

    Correct me if im wrong but seem like the type who has a freshly cut lawn to rest my hose apon

  9. My strong hands will carry you through any correction.

  10. I’m fully functional and anatomically correct.

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How do you spell your name? I want to make sure I have it spelled correctly on the registration form.

If you were an oboe, I’d be the only one who could play you correctly.