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Following is our collection of smooth and dirty True pick up lines that always work, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy True tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. I summoned the dragon just for you. Now its time to make your wish come true.

  2. It’s true; this arrow is a sign for virility...

  3. Let's test.. is it true love's kiss?

  4. Hey, do you work for Disney cause I think you can make all my dreams come true.

  5. Your peroxide blonde hair looks good, but I would like to see if you are a true blonde.

  6. Is your dad a genie because your making my dreams come true.

  7. Come back to my place and I'll show you the true meaning of plug and chug.

  8. So it’s true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.

  9. Google maps has been telling me I’ve been going the right way all my life

    But that can’t be true because it never led me to you

  10. I heard you’re in the companions guild. If this be true, I would adore seeing your inner beast come out for me.

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Working true pickup lines

I’ve heard cars match the owner’s personality.
I guess that’s true in my case because my back seats go down and so do I

Someone told me if I wished hard enough anything could come true.

Well I wished for perfection and here you are.

They say nice guys finish last, but a true gentleman finishes second.

You're an Emerald Dream come true.

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The post modernists say that perfection is unattainable. So tell me Perfect, is it true?

Baby, we don’t need a holodeck. I’ll make all your fantasies come true.

My fortune cookie just came true when I met you.

Akuma: Only one can be the true master of the fist!

So is it true? Is your pussy slanted?

Babe are you skittles? Because I love your true colors.

If you handle these balls, a great dragon will arise and make all your wishes come true.

If you get your hands on my dragon balls, I'll make your wishes come true.

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Working True tinder opener

Lust is fleeting, True love lingers. Be mine always, And you'll keep your fingers.

There's plenty of fish in the sea, but you are the true shark for me.

Girl, you make me with high blood sugar now, because you are my true sweet-heart.

Ingrid Hunnigan: Anytime you wanna hook up, just call. Billy Coen: I heard you like bad boys, is that true?

Good morning babe, you are my sweetest dream come true.

Babe you ever fell? Well you will soon be a true screamer tonight.

Babe, I never knew the true meaning of zerling rush until I came inside you.

Girl you think true love isn't real? Your mind makes it real.

Is it true that you are an Olympic volleyball player? Because I dig you.

Are there lots of Mimics around here? Because that chest looks too good to be true.

Rub my magic lamp and I'll make all your wishes come true.