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  1. Is it possible to make a deposit in your mouth without you showing any interest after?

  2. Death is so final. Whereas life, ah, life is so full of possibilities.

  3. Honey, being with me is like a roller coaster. There’s always the possibility you could throw up.

  4. Damn girl are you a lawyer

    Because I’ve been convicted of 3 separate, but related, counts of murder and am in need of an attorney that get me the best possible outcome for my trial

  5. Hey honey, regardless of the possibility that you deny me, I’ll pursue you like I carelessly pursue singed’s smelly ass.

  6. Just because we're on mission, doesn't mean other positions aren't possible.

  7. Hey girl, are your legs a religion

    Cos I wanna spread them as far and wide as possible.

  8. Our love is like dividing by is not possible to define.

  9. Hey baby, are from Heaven?

    Because I sure do want to kill myself. However, the possibility of an afterlife instills me with abounding despair, for if there truly is a Heaven, then equally as true must be a Hell. Given the uncountable sins of my lifetime heretofore, it is with absolute certainty that my eternal soul would be condemned to the lake of fire, should it exist at all.

    O' how sweet the thought of endless oblivion! A serene nothingness that lasts thoughout eternity, and is over at once. Beyond the heat death of our universe, a multi-trillion year sempiternity to those who wake, I would glide in an instant. Knowing such a nonexistence awaited me at my death has been my only comfort for many years.

    However, laying eyes upon you has all but abolished that comfort. Your angelic presence casts doubt upon such a fate. For how could one as beautiful as you originate from a realm other than Paradise?

  10. Frankenstein and I have one thing in common: we are both prepared to receive brain as soon as possible.

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Ey gurl,
Do you uhm wanna go like hang out. And uhm. We can like get coffee and maybe we can possibly like hold hands, I mean if you want. Please.

Hey girl are you the virus

Cus I want you to stay as far away from me as possible

So here's something that i thought of and hi, i'm new here!

So, there was a thought about a few days ago which i figured could possibly work as a pick-up line if changed a bit, as for that thought/possible pick-up line if changed a bit, here it is:

"Regular" version: "Isn't mascara, ear-rings lipstick and the like kind of dumb/stupid/unnecessary?

"Pick-up line" version: "Don't you think that mascara, ear-rings, lipstick and the like is kind of dumb/stupid/unnecessary?
"As for why i think so it's because it just messes with your skin and i don't think there's any reason as to why you should mess with perfection so i can't understand why you have **insert whichever one/ones of mascara, ear-rings, lipstick and the like that the person has on here** on.

Hey baby, you can call me Hulk

Because I am extremely violent and angry and will possibly beat you to death while you sleep due to my extreme mental illnesses.

possibly pickup line
This is a funny Possibly pickup line!

Are you a chessboard?

Because I'd like to play with you, check you out and possibly mate.

Need a pickup line for a girl named Julianne
Preferably a pun if possible

Pickup line for a girl named Alyssa?

Can be offensive as possible, just need an original pickup line

[50F to 30M] You're French. Look at your President. Everything is possible in this country.

I almost fell for it.

There is no primitive data type that could possibly hold the number of things I would do to spend one night with you.

I calculate that there are thirteen possibilities once I invite you into my bedroom.

Baby I don't know how it is possible, my made my bricks harder than before.

It is love that makes impossible possible.

possibly pickup line
Working Possibly tinder opener

You are the powerup to me being Super Mario, you have made everything possible.

I hope your dating policy is rolling admission, since I'd like to know whether we can go out as soon as possible!

With me, the possibilities are endless.

Hey babe, I'll charge my smash as long as possible to take you to heaven.

I find you attractive. Your aggressive moves toward me... indicate that you feel the same way. But still, ritual requires that we continue with a number of platonic activities...before we have sex. I am proceeding with these activities, but in point of actual fact, all I really want to do is have intercourse with you as soon as possible.

I like to go as bare as possible...when running...

I believe in getting in touch with my primal side as often as possible

I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated by the possibility of havng an adult conversation.

Girl u look so fine, i could possibly put u in a bowl and maybe make u a part of a complete meal