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Top 50 Future Pick Up lines

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  1. Damn girl, are you climate change?

    Cause you’re hot as fuck but i don’t see a future between us

  2. Hey Girl...Pls become the mother of my future children...

  3. Wanna speculate our futures tonight?

  4. Girl I must have Sharingan because I see a future in us.

  5. I'm from the future... I ran all the way back in time to tell you we're still in love 100 years from now.

  6. Girl are you my glasses?

    Because I can't see my future without you

  7. I may not have the spiritual gift of prophecy, but I do see you in my future.

  8. Where will you be all of my life? I should probably explain that I'm from the future.

  9. Girl, are you a time machine?

    Because I can totally see my future with you.

  10. Let's have a future diary. A diary of the future of you and me.

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Funny future pickup lines

I lost my future girlfriend's phone number
I think you might have it

Girl, if you and I were a stock, we'd be Pork Futures.

The diffrence between you and a watch

A watch determines the time, while you determines my future

Here’s a depressing one

Hey girl are you the sun? Because you’re brighter than my future.

What's the difference between you and a watch?

A watch determines the time whereas you determine my future

Do you have a pencil I can borrow?

Because I’d like to erase your past and write our future.

Ey girl, are you my future?
Cuz thinking about you gives me anxiety.

Hey girl, Your future boyfiend might hurt me.

But im not into self harm

My dreams aren't lucid

But I can clearly see us together in the future.

I'm Batman...

I see a future with just us.

Hey, are you some drugs?

‘Cause I wanna use and abuse you

(Just for future reference, no I do not support abuse - it is humanly and morally wrong)

I may be blind, but I can still "see" a future with you...

*Voice calls her*

Sorry I asked siri to call my future wife

Classic but gold

Have I seen you before? You look a lot like my future boyfriend/girlfriend

Always works

Hey girl, do you think earth is really going to end in 2020,

Or we have chance of having future together?

I see a lot of myself in you

Well, maybe not right now, but hopefully in the near future

Hey, are you a plane?

Cuz I wouldn’t get on you right now, but I look forward to climbing aboard in the future ;)

Super watch

One day a man walks into a bar with his nicest shoes, hat, clothes, and watch. He goes up to the bar sits down next to a hot chick and orders a drink. He shows her his watch and says this is a super watch that can tell me the future. Attempted to being picked up many times the girl says cool don't care. The man replies back ok my watch says your wearing no panties. The girl replies no I definitely am. Finally after a minute of think the man replies a shit I forgot this thing is an hour fast.

Hey girl, what's your name?

Aw, I was going to name my future daughter that, but we don't want her to get mixed up with her mother now do we?

Wow! That was amazing!

One click on my phone and I traveled 5 days in the future! Because you're 10/10!

Dam girl you look like my future, I know some how I’m going to fuck it up.

Thoughts ?

Hey girl are you five days into the future?

Cus you're a 10/10

Roses are Red, But Green is greater

Hey, I can see the future of both of us together

Are you a flashlight?

Because you make our future brighter

Corny - Hey girl, are you a time traveller?

Because i see you in my future