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Top 50 Ya Ya Pick Up lines

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  1. I dmed a girl and she took an entire day to reply

    Instead of letting my ego get in the way, I simply replied with
    “Mans so good at sliding into dms it left her speechless for a day”

    Trust me guys, it worked.

    Edit: Nvm guys she stopped texting again, ya boy failed :(

  2. Hey, girl are you an architect?

    Cause I can imagine building a relationship with ya.

  3. My name's Pittsburgh, but you can just call me Mr. Steeler ya girl.

  4. Baby, I'm an egg incubator. Keep me going 'til I'm ready to hatch and I'm ready to date ya.

  5. There's some cabanossi and cheese back at my house with ya name on it.

  6. Do ya mind if I stick this under your mantle?

  7. Hey, I'm outta work and I heard ya needed some plowing.

  8. So where ya flying from?

  9. I'll neck ya like Hawko necks a beer!

  10. Baby, yuh look sweet like a ginger candy, me wan unwrap you and taste ya spices.

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You're jusssst gonna sssslither your way into a date, aren't ya?

I can drive stick if ya know what I mean.

They call me the Blizzard....

Because after i give ya 8" its hard to walk around.

I'm like a boomerang; I just keep comin' back to ya.

Top o’ the morning to ya—actually, I’d like to be on top of you in the morning!

Nice poop deck on ya, lady. Care for a swabbin'?

Are yer parents retarded?cuz ya sure are special.

Is that a cutlass in yer pocket or are ya just happy ta see me?

Ya know? I’m the fastest man alive?

I've got no job, I live with my mother, and I have no car. But, my carbon footprint is nada! So what do ya say?

Girl, you must be a snowed in driveway, cuz I really want to plow ya.

Are you a grave, because I really dig ya!

Are you from Demacia? Cuz damn, I see ya.

Are you from Ionia? Cuz I got my eye on ya.

Are you from Israel?

Cos ya israeli cute!

Who’s ya hair dresser? Tell her I apologize for messing up her work!

We are gonna do a little science experiment, you are gonna be the chicken and ima be the egg and we can finally see who cums first.

What ya’ll think?

Ya know, there's no corkage fee in my mouth.

I wanna put her into my mutual fund. Collect interest on that if ya know what I mean.

I'm gonna sing my ABC's to ya

I'll give you an A because your amazing, a B because your beautiful, a C because your caring, and I'll give you this D because you deserve it.

Would ya just look at that full moon tonight?

Pardon me, lassie, but could ya direct a scurvy old sea dog to the little pirate's room, Arrr?

Dating me is like ingesting NH3

Either way, you'll end up with A Moan In Ya.

Ayy baby, ya know why they call my dick the Solid State Drive?

It'll be ready to go in 10 seconds

Hey that mirror is looking really beautiful today

Why don't ya go look at it ;D