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Top 50 Tryna Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Tryna pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. Are you Waluigi?

    Because I'm tryna get you to smash

  2. I'm just tryna h_g and c_ddle but there's one thing I'm missing

    ... u

  3. Girl, are you a convertible?

    Because i’m tryna see that top drop

  4. Are u lighting?

    Cuz I'm tryna make u mcqueen

  5. Did you know your legs are the word?

    Cause I'm tryna spread it.

  6. Yo, I'm just tryna be the chichi to your goku.

  7. Hey boy… Here’s a razzberry, cuz I’m tryna lock it down!

  8. Colgate or Crest?

    That's groovy but I'm tryna give you oral b

  9. Can the females please rate this

    Is your name Lightning?? cause I'm tryna make you McQueen KACHOW

  10. You tryna to become a mother on Mother's Day?

tryna pickup line
What is a Tryna pickup line?

Funny tryna pickup lines

Are you a potato?
Because I’m tryna mash

Are you Deku?

Because i'm tryna smash.

Hey girl, are you a vaccine?

Because I am tryna shoot my shot.

Are u tryna suffocate me to death?

Coz ur beauty is breathtaking

tryna pickup line
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Are you harambe's enclosure?

Because I'm tryna put some kids in you

Are you trash
Cuz I’m tryna take you out 🥴

Are you from Japan?

Cause I'm tryna get in Japanties

Damn ma are you a burger joint?

Cause im tryna go to in n out you

Are you from Louisiana?

'Cause I'm tryna run this bayou.

Damn girl are you a tauntaun?

Cause im tryna get up in your guts

Hey girl, you know 75% of your body is water

And I’m tryna drown

Are you a school

Cause i’m tryna shoot kids in you

tryna pickup line
Working Tryna tinder opener

Hey girl do you have a telescope?

Im tryna see uranus

Are you a dentist?

Cuz I’m just tryna get some Oral, B.

Yo girl I’m tryna be the lime disease to your coronavirus.

Cause you can’t have a corona without a lime.

Are you a vape?

Cause I know you'll hurt me later in life but I'm still tryna hit

Are you a pumpkin?

Because i’m tryna smash

Are you the twin towers?

Because I'm tryna explode inside you

Are your legs the coronavirus

Cause I’m tryna spread em till I die

Are you Cinderella?

Cos I’m tryna be your glass slipper

Is that a fork in your back pocket?

Cause I'm tryna stab that meat.

(Not getting any better at this)

Hey boy are you a bug?

Cos I’m tryna smash

Hey girl are you a bass drum?

Cause I’m tryna kick it.