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  1. Imma treat you like gollum treats the ring...

    Worship you quietly and finger you all day

  2. I think i need a library card because imma check you out

  3. Imma call you the "Jack of All Trades", girl.

    Cuz dat ass is well rounded.

  4. Girl, imma buy you a ring and you're gonna pay for it.

  5. Are you an alien held captive in Area 51?

    Cuz imma take you away from this place

  6. Are you Homework?

    Cause imma spend all night doing you

  7. Imma do you like my pinky toe

    And bang you on every piece of furniture in the house.

  8. Hey girl you like vitamin a?

    Because Imma be retinal up inside of you.

  9. Imma try this

    Why would I never be a straight sailor? I hate sea-men and moby dick.

  10. Are you a Jeep?

    Cause imma ride you rough and put some miles on ya.

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I think you should call the PETA asap.
Cuz imma beat that pussy up :)

Are you my dick

Cause imma beat the fuck out of you

You can call me Sydney.

Cause imma be sydneys nuts on your chin

Is it Thanksgiving

Cuz imma bout to stuff your turkey

Hey girl, arz you a pokemon?

Cuz imma make your litten squirtle

Let me be the Italy to your corona

Just like how Italians stole corona and spread it around , imma steal you and spread you;)

Are you the wifi?
Cuz imma get you to full bars

Call me MnM

Because Imma nut in your mouth

Girl are you a carbureted engine

Cause imma choke you

Hey girl, are you an Oreo?

Cause imma break you open and consume your insides

Are you an egg?

Cuz imma stab you

Knock knock (nsfw)..

Knock knock
Who's there
You who
You who, I wanna fuck you....

O man, this would never work. But imma give it a good try.

Are you the glass on a fish tank?

Cause even though I know I shouldn't, imma tap that

I heard your into dinosaurs...well imma Lickalotofpuss

Baby, you be Panama. And Imma underpay Irish workers to dig a trench through you.

Do you like Jalapenos?...Because in a minute imma be jalapeno pu**y.

When the dick comes out, imma 8......

That ain’t no rating

Imma Hulk SMASH that pussy!

Imma call you minion ... And you shall be my minion

Imma cut to the chase…you wanna hook-up?