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Top 13 Hari Raya Pick Up lines

Hari Raya is one of the most festive and special occasions for Malaysian and Singaporeans. Use these funny and flirty pick up lines to help you break the ice with girls and guys. These pick up lines feature important Hari Raya traditions and foods.

  1. I love you kuih mor and mor each day

  2. You can't spell KUIH

    Without U and I

  3. Are you Fitri?

    Because you look like my aidil partner !

  4. You want chicken rendang ?

    Because I think ayam the one you want !

  5. Boy is your name Fahmi ?

    Because I can't wait for you to meet my fahmily

  6. What is your menu for berbuka ?

    Me N U

Working short hari raya pickup lines to impress a girl

Is your face from McDonalds ?

Because I'm loving it !

What are you wearing for raya so we can be matchy-matchy.

How about we kek lapis together in bed?

I don’t mind getting angpao as long as you're in the envelope

How about we cut to the chase and syawal-kan our marriage to now?

I know fireworks are banned, but you’re setting some off in my heart right now.

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