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  1. If you’re one of the boys I guess I’m homosexual


  2. Guess what I’m wearing?

    The smile you gave me:)

  3. Wanna play carnival?

    You sit on my face and I guess how much you weigh.

  4. Roses are red, cacti are thorny

    When I’m around you, you make me very… HAPPY. I guess what I’m trying to say is aloe you very much

  5. Come over here

    (she walks closer) I just made you come with my voice, guess what I can with my hands.

  6. Bet you can’t guess what Bertie Botts flavor I am.

  7. I guess I'm wearing green today.

  8. If we're made out of the smoke of the big bang, then I guess that makes you smokin hot.

  9. I can resist anything except temptation

    But I guess you are my temptation !!

  10. I bet you a dollar I can kiss you on the mouth without touching your lips

    *kisses her on the lips* - I guess I owe you a dollar

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Hey Baby, My Name Is Saul Goodman. I guess you better call me.

They say laughter is the best medicine, i guess your face can cure the world.

I’ve heard cars match the owner’s personality.

I guess that’s true in my case because my back seats go down and so do I

My phone is Light

*>Goes up to a lady and holds out my phone to her "Would you mind holding this for a second?"*
\>Lady takes the phone for a moment
\>A*sks "Does my phone feel light to you"*

\>Lady responds "I guess?"
\>T*akes the phone back "I knew it it's been feeling light all day, and I just can't figure out out"*
\>O*pens up the contacts list and browses through it, when a sudden look of shock is on my face "I figured it out!"*
\>Lady goes "What?"

*>Says as I hold the phone out to her again "It's missing your number"*

I guess I must be a nine out of ten.....

Cause you're the one I need.!!

Are those jeans Guess? Cause guess who wants to be inside them...

Is your name Waldo. Because someone like you is hard to find
Guess what Im wearing today?
The smile you gave me

Probably the cheesiest one you've ever read...

Boy: I'm a superhero... Guess my name??
Girl: Ironman? Spiderman??
Boy: *smiles* Yourman!

Since you guys are twins I guess that makes your tits quadruplets right?

I feel a powerful attraction to your smell. I guess that means we should mate.

Clever way to get her phone number

Say you are going to perform a magic trick to victim.
Ask said person to write down their phone number on a piece of paper, but say you don't need the paper.
Ask them to add up all the digits of their phone number **excluding** the middle two.
Say something about how phone numbers are not entirely random, and that the middle two digits mostly **(say this exactly "in 99.9999% of cases this works")** formed from the addition of all the other digits divided by two + a special number that only you know, ask them for the addition number, then guess a random number. When it turns out to be wrong, ask for the sheet to check they did the maths right. Then turn to them and say, **"huh, I guess you are just a one in a million kinda guy/girl"**

I wanna be a super hero, guess my name?

I’ve thought about Spider-Man, Batman, Iron man, Superman.....

But I think I want to be Your man

Just by looking at you I can guess your parents are called flour and sugar

Cause there’s no other way to explain why you such a cutie-pie

I guess u’re Google

Because u have everything im searching for ^^

Guess how i can tell that you and me will make love tonight ?

Because i'm stronger than you ... ha ha

Whats a turtle without his shell homeless or naked?

Her: naked
Me: I guess its time for me to get you out of your shell ;)

I guess you can kiss heaven goodbye

Cause it got to be a SIN to look this good

Hey ______, can you guess why you haven't been on Spotify's Hot Singles list?

Cause you're off the charts ;)

They say that nice guys finish last

I guess that makes me a nice guy, because I'm gonna make sure you finish first.

My pickup line

You - Do you believe in love at first sight?
Crush - No.
You - Ok then I guess we'll have to try this again tomorrow. Is 2PM good for you?

I bet your cute face won't be enough to make someone fall for you...

Damn it, I guess you just won

- Day 87

What’s long and hard?

Guessing your phone number , let’s collaborate on this problem .

Hey do you have a bandaid

Guess I scraped my elbow when I fell for you.

Don’t use in a real situation!

If Dwayne Johnson was on your right and I was on your left, I guess you could say that your stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Hey what’s the brightest star you can see

Well I guess you haven’t looked in the mirror