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Top 50 Perfect Pick Up lines

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  1. My nuts would fit perfectly in your crack.

  2. Who need a perfect body, when you are a perfect nobody.

  3. All of my gym buddy is to have a perfect body, but for me my goal is to have you.

  4. Hey girl you might not be perfect, but Jesus knows you are to die for.

  5. Are you a perfect set? Because I'd smash that.

  6. Hey babe, you’re the perfect person to keep me warm at Valley Forge.

  7. You march, I march. We could be perfect together.

  8. Blizzards make perfect snuggle weather.

  9. Honey, you're perfectly aligned to my grid.

  10. Tonight, your dick better perform a perfect arabesque, if you know what I mean!

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You remind me of an Oktoberfest, the perfect balance of sweet and spice.

Darling, I don't need to apply the golden ratio to you, I already know you're perfect.

You have the perfect face for the radio.

Is Gabriel tricking me? Because you seem far too perfect to be real.

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You know what else is perfect? The card catalog of your features, girl.

I cast a summoning charm for the perfect woman, and here you are.

Are you a Blue Eyes White Dragon? Because you're perfect.

Da Vinci is one hell of a scam, isn't he?

'Coz how tf did he define a perfect human when you were not even born that time?

Girl, did you absorb 17 and 18? Cause you are perfect!

If you were an SAT exam, you’d be a perfect 1600.

You can't hear but you can see were perfect for eachother.

Don't you worry baby, my ligand and your receptor are perfect for each other.

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Working Perfect tinder opener

I am an atheist because I could not believe Someone could ever make something as perfectly beautiful as you are, my love.

Girl, you're like the SAT

I'd spend months trying to perfect you and end up doing you for 3 hours, stopping only for water breaks.

You must be aligned to a grid because you are pixel perfect.

Is your name nobody?

Cause I keep hearing nobody is perfect

I must be dreaming Djin because you’re too perfect for me.

I'm a ratings machine and you're a perfect 10.

Don't worry, babe. The Cybermen won't hurt you. You can't upgrade perfection.

Oh you got a boyfriend? Perfect he can make us breakfast in the morning.

Me and you are perfectly tuned together.

Wow, you print out so perfectly.

Boy are you a fifth because you're perfect.