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Top 50 Airport Pick Up lines

Are you trying to pick up girls or guys at the airport? We have compiled the best list of pick up lines for airports. These pick up lines feature common airport themes like boarding pass, security check, flight number, and more.

  1. Hey girl are you an airport

    Cause I'd like land between your thighway

  2. Is there an airport nearby?

    Because I think my heart just took off.

  3. Hey Girl are you my checked in luggage..

    Cause I'd wait an eternity for you at the airport.

  4. Excuse me girl, are you in Business class? Because you fly.

  5. Ooohh, I see you unattended your bags, I hope you like your personal belongings handled & inspected...

  6. I can be your travel pillow.

  7. You don't need a boarding pass to hop on my flight.

  8. It's pretty plane and simple... I really think we could take off.

  9. Are you alone? A beautiful girl like you should not travel alone.

  10. Oh, hey there, pretty lady. I notice you travel by airplane. I travel by airplane too..

airport pickup line
What is a Airport pickup line?

Working airport pickup lines

Is that a full body scan in your back pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I don't mind if you come with baggage.

In case of an emergency, pull down the zipper on my pants.

Hey girl, we just met, but I think we're gonna really take off.

airport pickup line
This is a funny Airport pickup line!

Hey, I just got my flight number. I'm just missing your phone number.

In case of a water landing, my pants double as a floatation device.

I'd like to check you out through a tsa scanner.

Wanna join the mile high club?

Did you just fall out of a B-17? Because you're the bomb.

Any girl wanna check their baggage?

How'd you like add a layover to your trip?

Hey girl, do you want one of my drink vouchers?

airport pickup line
Working Airport tinder opener

You should come wait with me at my gate.

Hey baby, wanna see my cock...pit?

The only thing that matters is the length of the runway not the size of the airport.

Hey girl, welcome to the body scanner... You're good.

If you do, I'll pick you up and claim you.

So you claim luggage here often?

Why don't we make like TSA officers in the break room and practice groping each other for a little while?

I’ve got my flight number but I can’t find your phone number.

Hey, is this your final destination? Cuz I can really see us...Making a connection.

When the captain turns off the seat belt light feel free to roam about my cabin.

Is your dad a pilot because my heart taking off?