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50 Park Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey girl, are you a parking ticket?

    Cause I picked you up on the street and I can’t afford you.

  2. Some say I'm rough, but I say I'm just a little Vekoma.

  3. Hi dollface, wanna come uplines and let me park my throbbing spaceship in your steaming volcano?

  4. Ayo girl. You ever use a fast-pass?

  5. Let's head to the park so I can plant my tree.

  6. Did you just get a parking ticket from a vampire?

    Cause you have fine written all over your neck.

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Do you like roller coasters? Because I can send you on a ride you won’t forget.

Are you a parking ticket?

Cause you've got fine judgment written all over you.

Even though there’s no ball game on tonight, I’ll still be slamming something out of the park.

Wanna go float on the lazy river, and not be lazy?

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Smooth Park pickup line

Ayyy gurl is there a height requirement to ride you because as long as I'm standing behind you I qualify.

Life’s a theme park,

But you’re the main attraction.

Hey girl do you have a place for my peter to

Cheesy park Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

I wanna make you Splash Mountain all over my Power Tower.

What thrill level is your ride?

I gotcha a (nerdy) list
Are you that note I messed up in rehearsal today? *Because I can't stop thinking about you.*

Are you a fermata? *Because I want to hold you.*

Hey, do you want to borrow my tuner? *Because you're looking real sharp.*

Are you parked prestissimo? *Because you're dashing*.

You must be a two octave sixteenth note run, because you leave me breathless.

Are you the key signature? *Because I miss you constantly.*

My love for you is like the cello line in Pachelbel's Canon... neverending.

Are you a practice room? *Because I really want you and I hope you're not taken.*

You must be augmented because my love for you won't diminish.

My favorite element on the periodic table must be uranium, because I am in love with U.

Our love will be like pi: irrational and neverending.

Are you a carbon sample? *Because I want to date you.*

Between DNA and RNA, I like RNA better because it has U in it.

Do you produce energy by harnessing the flow of water? Because dam.

My home is where I park it

I don't need G-force to find your G-spot.

My van's parked outside. Let's say you and I just take a ride down to the beach and check out the stars?

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Working Park tinder opener

Are you saying you want my log ride?

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Honey, being with me is like a roller coaster. There’s always the possibility you could throw up.

Forget that roller coaster baby come get on this log ride!

Are you a Walmart parking lot on Black Friday?

Because I’d have a hard time pulling out of you

Do you want to ride me down the slide?

Getting lucky usually means finding my car in the parking lot, but tonight you can change that.

Wanna go to Jurassic and park and watch the subprimordial ooze races?

Boy you must be a ferris wheel because I wanna take a ride on you.

Girl, you don't need a ticket to park here any time.

Girl, are you a parking space? Because you sure are tight.

It doesn't matter if we reverse or forward park, as long as we do not parallel park.

Hey baby, want me to park my BatMobile in your Batcave?

Babe, you looking for parking? Because I want to to speed into your dms.

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Do you have a parking meter? Because I am willing to pay everytime I want to be on top of you.

Babe, you don't need no permit to park your ass overnight in my lot.

Babe, I want to bounce on top of you like the Trampoline Park.

Are you a parking meter? Because I will pay for every minute spent with you.

You are not a parking violation citation. Babe because it will take a tow truck to pull me out.

Are you a parking ticket?
Cuz you are fine

Want some dinner tonight? Because I need some parking validation to park inside.

My favorite trick? Nosegrind or noseslide inside your skate park.

Are you a single rider, because I'm a single rider too?

I hope this line isn't the only thing long around here...

Will you resuscitate me?

Girl, are you a parking structure? Because I want to get inside you in so many ways.

Are you a parking lot after a sports game? Because I’d have a hard time pulling out of you.

Sniff my butt. It's the quickest way to my heart.

Getting lucky usually means getting parking space at a busy mall, but tonight you can change that.

Are you a temporary parking space? Because 15 minutes is all I need.

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