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Top 8 Lake Pick Up lines

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  1. Can I sink my Edmund Fitzgerald in your lake Kitchi-gummi?

  2. If your love is Crystal Lake then I'm Jason Voorhees. Cause I drowning in it.

  3. Girl I'm going to fill up your lemonade lake.

  4. I’m gonna be just like an Oxbow Lake in its later stages and erode right through you.

  5. Hey baby, are from Heaven?

    Because I sure do want to kill myself. However, the possibility of an afterlife instills me with abounding despair, for if there truly is a Heaven, then equally as true must be a Hell. Given the uncountable sins of my lifetime heretofore, it is with absolute certainty that my eternal soul would be condemned to the lake of fire, should it exist at all.

    O' how sweet the thought of endless oblivion! A serene nothingness that lasts thoughout eternity, and is over at once. Beyond the heat death of our universe, a multi-trillion year sempiternity to those who wake, I would glide in an instant. Knowing such a nonexistence awaited me at my death has been my only comfort for many years.

    However, laying eyes upon you has all but abolished that comfort. Your angelic presence casts doubt upon such a fate. For how could one as beautiful as you originate from a realm other than Paradise?

  6. Are you a cold lake?

    Because you take my breath away.

  7. Ay gurl, there is a lake called titticaca in bolivia,

    Kinda reminds me when I think of you

  8. One for the beach

    Something like
    "You are so sweet that if you enter in the sea it becomes a lake"

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