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Top 20 river Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you a river that’s prone to flooding ? because you’ll get some hard engineering tonight.

  2. Wanna go float on the lazy river, and not be lazy?

  3. Like River longs for The Doctor,

  4. I'll put my river on your wood.

  5. I wouldn't mind if your beaver built a dam in my river.

  6. Are you a river rapid?

    Because I want to drown in your love

  7. You can call me the Colorado River..

    Because I wanna carve your Grand Canyon.

  8. Rose petals!

    Your eyes are like a million glittering stars, on the night sky - your lips, like rose petals, wet from the evening rain! Your hair is like a golden river, rushing from the mountain

  9. Hey girl, what's your favourite piano song?

    Mine is "River Flows In You"

  10. Are you a river (girl: no). Really?

    Cause I wanna go in dry

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Yo girl are you the Cuyahoga River?
Cause you on fire!

Hey girl, are you located between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?

Because that ass is lookin like a Fertile Crescent to me

Go up to the person and ask for their hand. Draw a line across it and explain that it's a big river, and the bunny on this side really needs to get to the other side. Then tell the person how they think that bunny got across. And when they finally give up, give them puppy eyes and tell them that there was no bunny, but that you just wanted to hold their hand.

Your smile glows brighter than a river of radioactive waste.

My buddies bet me that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl on the river. Wanna get a drink later with their money?

Girl, you're so beautiful. I'd cross the Delaware River to be with you. Or even the Raritan River.

I would swim 100 miles up the Amazon River with 50 kilogram weights tied to my scrotum, with nothing more than Ellen Degeneres’s queefs as my air supply, if it meant that I could have one seafood dinner with you over Skype, using a dial-up internet connection … So what do you say, can I have your number?

I like my men like the Mississippi River: long, strong, and ready to rock my boat.

You know, I have the longest rod on this river.

I always knew the best catch of my life would be on this river...