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Top 50 Bitch Pick Up lines

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  1. Rose's are red, 2020's a bitch

    I'll be your broom stick, if you'll be my witch

  2. Ay bitch your titties look good in that shirt.

  3. Don't make me get the fucking whip and ballgag, bitch...

  4. Is your name Walter White?

    Cause you need me, bitch.

  5. You're a bitch but I love you anyway.

  6. Did you just fall from Heaven because you look like one really fucking evil, demonic bitch.

  7. I'm a dog

    Looking for a bitch like you!

  8. When I say 'bitch', I mean it as a compliment!

  9. Are you a pancake?

    Cuz you flat as fuck bitch lmao

  10. All men are dogs...

    So will you be my bitch?

bitch pickup line
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Funny bitch pickup lines

Hey girl do you listen to girl in red?
Cause I don't wanna be your friend I wanna be your bitch.

Hey girl, are you the presidency of Herbert Hoover?

Cause you suck. And you *ruined* me. You wiped out my life's savings over petty credit purchases. You broke me down mentally to a point where I was done with life and isolating myself. You're such a cruel, heartless bitch that you convinced my boss to "lay me off". And then, here's the worst part you self centred bastard, you "tried to fix things". Bullshit. Nothing that broken could have been fixed by your ineffective means... You can't just give me a small gift and expect everything to heal. I can't pay for a more than 60% increase in my spendings because of you! And now my depression that your awfulness directly caused is affecting my friends too. Act like the way you speak and fix your character, you do nothing wreck.


Oh and give me my gold bullion back, you lying whore. I don't have any other money for food and you aren't helping me out here.

I Call My Penis "The Truth"

Cause Bitches Can't Handle It

Call me ben cause all my bitches 10

And Nah i aint mean it like that

bitch pickup line
This is a funny Bitch pickup line!

Roses are red...

Roses are red
Violets are shy
Bite on the pillow bitch
I'm going in dry

Babe, are you the white house?
Because I want to put a dick in you and then bitch constantly if it upsets my life.

I am billionarie


Pullin bare bitches w this one

Maybe you're blonde,

maybe you cook,

but can i get a load,

of that dumptruck-



You remind me of a tree

Cause all I want to do is climb on top of you.

What you think I feel like this is basic bitch pick up line.

Ay baby, are you Disney?

Cuz I’m about to become ur bitch

The only “B” word you should call a woman is “Beautiful”

Because Bitches like it when you call them Beautiful

Roses are red, watches are gold

Bitch get on your knees and do what your told

bitch pickup line
Working Bitch tinder opener

Hey Girl looks like we lost our Numbers

Can we get yours

Girl: NO!


You know why I Names my dick Rihanna?

So I can make like Chris Brown and Beat the shit of it. Now send me some nudes bitch.

You be the wall socket and I'll be the cord

Now prepare to get electrocuted bitch

Aye girl, are you breaking bad?

Cause I want your number, BITCH!

I ain't even playing...

Get the fuck in the van, bitch.

Hey, are you a female dog?

Cause I wanna stick my dick in that bitch

Rose's are red, violets aren't blue,

THEY PURPLE BITCH, I wanna fuck you.

Are you Taken...

Cause if not, I'll be your Liam Neeson. And bitch I will find you

Roses are red,

You're a fucking bitch,
Can you please close your legs it smells like fish

Hey bitch, you're like the E in DISEC

Completely meaningless

Good one or not?

Let’s say I introduce myself to a woman, and when I shake their hand say “I feel like I’m shaking a dog’s paw, makes sense because you seem like a bitch”