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Top 21 donkey Pick Up lines

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  1. Is your dad a donkey? Cause you have a great ass!

  2. I ain't no donkey herder, but I could wrangle that ass.

  3. I'm hung like a donkey!

  4. Came up with this one today. Was a bit too proud of myself

    I'm a donkey whisperer,

    and your ass is speaking to me.

  5. You remind me a donkey showroom

    Cuz I just wanna test drive that ass!

  6. Hey girl, is your Halloween costume a donkey who won't repent?

    Cuz damn that ass!

  7. Are you a donkey

    ‘Cuz I wanna ride that ass

  8. Damn girl are you a donkey.

    Cause that ass

  9. If I were a taxidermist and you had a pet donkey that died...

    Would you let me stuff that ass?

  10. Do you like sheep and donkeys?

    Cuz I'm in the mood for a ram up my ass

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Latest donkey chat up lines

Girl your ass is fine..
Stop bringing your donkey to the veterinary hospital.

Hey girl do you know why donkey’s fest me?

Because I eat ass.

Credit to the Donkey Kong Country cartoon for this one

Girl, I'm gonna shower you with coconut cream pie ;)

Have you ever considered donkey insurance?

Well call me if you need me to take care of your ass

Kind of stupid but a funny pickup line

M-Did your donkey fell in sugar?

F- No

M- then what about that sweet ass

Is your daddy a donkey? Because you have a great ass!

Are your other donkeys jealous because that's one fine ass.

You wanna see a donkey show?

Some call me donkey kong cause i will pound you with my massive dong.

Wanna ring my southern belle and tickle my donkey booty?

Are you Donkey Kong? Because I want to Super Smash.