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Top 41 Beaver Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Beaver pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. Hey Girl, are you a Beaver? Because you sure look like you could use some wood!

  2. Hello, eh. Girl your soft brown eyes remind me of the amazing beaver, eh.

  3. Hide your beavers. I'm hunting them.

  4. Can your beaver eat my log?

  5. I know why they call it a beaver. Because I'm dying for some wood.

  6. Are you a beaver?

    ‘Cuz Dammmmmm you fine

  7. I wouldn't mind if your beaver built a dam in my river.

  8. I know why they call it a beaver

    Because it's always wet and hungry for some wood.

  9. Are your parents beavers? Cuz DAMMMMMMMM!

  10. Are you a beaver?

    Cause u could nibble on my wood any day

beaver pickup line
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Funny beaver pickup lines

Are you a Beaver?
Cuz Dam.

Are you a beaver? Because I want you to lift that tail and slam it down on my wood over and over ;)

Ayo girl, r your parents beavers?

Cuz daaaaaaaaaaam, u hairy af!

Was your mother a beaver?

Cuz daaaammmm!

beaver pickup line
This is a funny Beaver pickup line!

Are you a beaver?

Cuz, dam..

Hey are you interested in taxidermy?
Cause tonight I'm gonna show you how to stuff a beaver!

Are you a beaver?

Because Daaaaaamn

Are you a beaver? Cause daaaaam!

I’m no taxidermist

But I’ll stuff your beaver

Nice beaver you got there, mind if I pet it?

Are your parents beavers?

Cause dam

Hey girl are you a beaver...?

Cause DAYUM!

beaver pickup line
Working Beaver tinder opener

Are you a beaver?

Cause daaaaaaaaam!

Are you a beaver


PS: it's a very hard type of wood

Are you a beaver??

Cause I'd like you to help me with some wood..

Are you a beaver?

Cus DaaaaAAAaammmmnnnnn!!!!

Hey girl, are you a beaver?


My beaver is bored and wants to play, do you have any wood for my beaver today

Are you part beaver? Because daaaaam.

Can I pet your beaver pelt?

I know why they are calling it a beaver, because I am dying for some wood

Do you want to come over to my place and feed your beaver some wood?

Are you a beaver? Because daaaaam!