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Top 50 Causing Pick Up lines

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  1. Are your thighs made out of rope?

    Cause I want to put them around my neck until I asphyxiate

  2. Are you a brain tumor?

    Cause you’re on my mind and it’s killing me

  3. Is there a phone in your back pocket by any chance

    Cause that ass is calling me

  4. What's similar between you and an Onion

    Stripping causes fluids to flow

  5. Hey, do you like communism?

    Cause we could share a bed.

  6. Are you my homework?

    ‘Cause I wanna throw you on the table and do you all night but I’ll give up two minutes in and start crying.

  7. Are you my package from Amazon?

    Cause I want you at my house in the next 24 hours.

  8. Damn girl, are you a coal digger?

    Cause I want to make you mine.

  9. Are you a Chinese factory?

    Cause i wanna put some kids in you!

  10. Ay girl are you a grill?

    Cause you look like something I wanna slap my meat on.

causing pickup line
What is a Causing pickup line?

Funny causing pickup lines

Hey girl, are you a microwave
Cause mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Girl are you Amazon

Cause I can find everything I'd ever want in you.

Baby are you a mathematician?

Cause I, 1, 2, 1/2, 6 with you

If I had a dollar for every time you're in my head

I'll have none,
Cause you went straight to my heart

causing pickup line
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Hey, girl are you an architect?

Cause I can imagine building a relationship with ya.

Hey girl, are you communist?
Cause I wanna seize your means of reproduction.

Are you a broken traffic light?

Cause you keep giving mixed signals

Your parents must have been drug dealers.....

'Cause you're dope

Hey girl, are you a dragon?

‘Cause you only exist in my dreams

Damn, are you an fda approved respiratory mask?

Cause I really want you to sit on my face

Hey girl are you the vaccine?

Cause the whole World's chasing you

Hey girl, are u a Bluetooth device?

Cause I'm lookin' for connection.

causing pickup line
Working Causing tinder opener

Damn girl, do you have a cold?

Cause I can't stop looking ACHOO

Hey girl, Is your name Nobody?

-Cause everyone's been telling me you've loved me since I was 5 

Hey girl, are you a pirate?

Cause i want you to jack my sparrow.

Are you a mom character designed by Pixar?

Cause DAMN you gotta thicc ass

Damn gurl are you my pinky toe?

Cause I’m gonna bang you on all my furniture!

Hey girl are you Dijkstra ?

Cause I want you to tell me the shortest path to your heart.

Hey girl are you an airport

Cause I'd like land between your thighway

Hey girl are you Heinz?

'cause I'd like to ketchup with you sometimes.

Ma'am are you Gillette.

Cause you're the best a men can get.

Hey girl, are you a meaningful relationship?

Cause I'd love to ruin you

Girl are you a hole?

Cause you have always been in my heart.