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Top 17 Annoying Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey Boy are you my period?

    because you are annoying as h**... but i still wanna see you regularly

  2. Whenever I hear Christmas music I think of you...

    Because you’re annoying af

  3. Girl, are you a noxious riverhopper? Because you're really annoying and hard to get rid of.

  4. Girl, are you Rose Tyler? Because you're pretty annoying but I'd probably still cry if you died.

  5. Hey girl are you my leg hair?

    Because you’re annoying and unnecessary, but i keep you around so people don’t know I’m gay

  6. Hey baby girl, are you a Tiktok dance? Cause you’re annoying as h**... and everyone is doing you.

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What is a Annoying pickup line?

Working short annoying pickup lines to impress a girl

Hey girl, are you a tik tok dance? Cause you’re annoying as h**... and everyone is doing you

You are so annoying!

You're one of the reasons that it's so hard to stay home during quarantine.

Baby are you a smoke detector?

Because you're really loud and freaking annoying.

I just want to say

**My love for you is like the number of pickuplines on the ongoing war that are being posted on this subreddit these days,**

**It's a lot, and you may like it a lil in the beginning but it'll soon start to get pretty annoying :)**

annoying pickup line
This is a funny Annoying pickup line!

Are you a sofa?

Cus you're so f*cking annoying

Hey are you rain in April?
Because the first time you came, it was awesome. But now you come every other day and it's really freaking annoying.

Are you from Illinois?

Cause you’re ill-annoying me.

annoying Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

Are you my future roommate? Because I just can't stop talking to you online and I'm so excited for us to move in together. Then we'll get really annoyed with each other. But then we'll probably either be friends for life or never talk to each other again. There won't be a middle ground.

I am multi-talented! I can talk, annoy and irritate you all at the same time!

Are you a smoke detector? Because you're really loud and annoying.

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