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110 Drama Pick Up lines And Rizz

Here are 110 drama pick up lines for her and flirty drama rizz lines for guys. These are funny pick up lines about drama that are smooth and cute, best working Tinder openers and Hinge openers with drama rizz. Impress the girls with cheesy and corny drama pick-up lines, sweet love messages or a flirty drama joke for a great chat response.

Best Working Drama Rizz

A good Drama pick up lines that are sure to melt your crush's heart !

  1. "A biopic, huh? Sounds like a perfect blend of adventure and drama. Can't wait to hear more about it over coffee sometime."

  2. "Just like a great drama, I can't help but get caught up in your plot twists and stunning character."

  3. "Can we press pause on your temper, sweetheart? Because your beauty is the only drama I want tonight."

  4. "Are you a K-drama episode? Because my heart races every time we have a scene together."

  5. "Definitely! Laughter, love and a little bit of drama - sounds like a fun watch to me!"

  6. "Because I'm like a bestselling novel - full of suspense, drama and plot twists. Potential tear-jerker but overall a bestseller."

drama pickup line
What is a good Drama pickup line?

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Short and cute drama pickup lines to impress a girl

Using a spicy and corny pick-up lines about drama are guaranteed to work. But a sweet love message at Bumble, or a romantic comebacks are always welcome.

"You love drama, huh? How about we create a thrilling script where we end up together?"

"Out tonight? Does it involve battling dragons or taming leprechauns? Because that's the only drama am up for on a Friday night!"

"So your life's a sitcom, huh? I hope it's more 'Friends' and less 'Seinfeld'. Can't handle too much soup-nazi drama!"

"You love drama? Well, how about we skip the suspense and head straight to the climax tonight?"

drama pickup line
Smooth Drama pickup line

"Are you a drama queen? Because my heart skips a beat every time there's a new scene with you."

"Are you a Korean drama? Because my heart races like I'm binge-watching you all night long."

"Being a blonde Ukrainian eyelash technician, you must know how to create drama - so why not start our own?"

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Cheesy drama Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

"Your name's Saima, stealing hearts your fame-a, your beauty's a timeless saga, more enchanting than any drama."

"Drama? It's just another name for a great story waiting to unfold! Tell me more about yourself."

"In the romance drama of life, you're my favorite plot twist."

"Is your name Spotlight? Because all the drama stops when you walk into the room."

"Are you a K-drama series? Because my heart beats faster than a cliffhanger at every sight of you."

TV because i get invested in characters way too much.

"Who needs TV when your eyes hold more drama and plot twists than any series ever could?"

drama pickup line
Working Drama tinder opener

"Are you a Broadway show? Because your drama isn't just captivating, it deserves a standing ovation."

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Funny drama Tinder openers

Try using funny and charming Drama conversation starters, sweet messages, love texts and comebacks for sticky moments in Hinge and chat.

"Sorry for the gloom I caused, but wouldn't you agree that we make a sexier story with a bit of drama?"

"Like a K-Drama plot twist, your beauty leaves me breathless and always craving for the next scene."

"Is your wardrobe as black as mine, or are you just the perfect dark comedy to my never-ending monochrome drama?"

"Is your love for drama as intense as the passion I feel when I look into your enchanting eyes?"

"Well, it sounds like you're full of passion and personality. Drama can be the spice of life, after all."

"In your Girl Scout sash, drama spun, like a movie scene, you're my dream's only one."

"Just like in any romantic K-drama, our love story could be the best plot twist."

"You're hotter than my favorite Netflix drama, and I'm ready for our season to start."

"Is your name Drama? Because your text messages leave me eager for the next act."

"Well, I was once told my life needs more drama... so I thought dating would be the perfect solution."

"Are you a drama queen? Because I can't stop watching your every move, scene after scene."

"I guess we're a perfect match, because I promise never to steep you in the drama of my tea-related debates."

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Clever drama Pickup Lines and Hinge openers

Using good and clever Drama hook up line can work magic when trying to make a good impression.

"Are you a Broadway show? Because your drama has me buying tickets to every performance!"

"Are you a socialist drama? Because my heart is equally distributing all its love to every part of you."

"Are you a Shakespearean play? Because your drama is captivating and I'd love to write the next act."

"Is your name Drama Queen? Because I'm ready to rule this love story with you, one scene at a time!"

"Are you a white tee? Because I promise not to spill any drama, just pure love and laughter on you."

"Are you a K-drama? Because every moment with you feels like an unforgettable episode full of romance and suspense."

"Even though you're always skipping class, it's impossible to skip a heartbeat when I see you."

"Are you a K-drama series? Because my heart races like a cliffhanger every time I see you."

"Did it hurt when you fell from the Korean drama heavens? Because you've got me hooked like a season finale."

"With you, life feels like a romantic K-drama, where I'm always falling for the leading lady."

"Are you a starlet in a socialist drama? Because my heart keeps casting votes for your love, Norwegian beauty."

"Like a male lead in a K-drama, I'm ready to rewrite my script if it means ending up with you."

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Smooth drama Rizz Lines To Get Her Number

Using these smooth Drama pickup lines make her give you her number.

I’m done with white girls. They are too much drama.

"If our life was a K-drama, it'd be titled 'Endless Love', because I'm utterly smitten by your charm."

"Are you from a K-drama? Because my heart races every time I see your captivating beauty."

"Are you a Korean drama? Because I can't help but binge-watch every second of you."

"Your love for goth aesthetics is like a hauntingly beautiful Korean drama, I can't stop watching."

"In this world of drama, like Mekai's art, it's your captivating smile that stole my heart."

"Are you a soap opera? Because your drama has me hooked and waiting for the next episode."

"Are you a script? Because I can't imagine my life without your drama and suspense!"

"Are you a drama film? Because every time I see you, my heart skips a beat with suspense."

"Will you be my Simran in this Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge journey? Let the drama unfold!"

"In the drama of my life, your smile is the plot twist I didn't see coming."

"As a drama king, I must say, your charm is the most captivating act I've ever encountered."

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Flirty drama Pickup Lines To Use on Guys

These flirty Drama pick up lines are made to get him interested.

"No worries, Kaylee. We're here for the education, not the drama. Let's keep it professional."

"Are you the BBC? Because you've got drama, culture, and news that I'm always interested in."

"How about we trade these dreams for a movie night, where the only drama is deciding what to watch?"

"You're a drama queen in class and on stage, will you be my princess offstage as well?"

"Are you a Korean drama? Because my heart beats like an ending cliffhanger every time I see you."

"Are you a Broadway show? Because your drama has me hooked, and I'm dying for the next act."

I’m done with black girls. They are too much drama.

"Is your name Spotlight? Because all my drama disappears when I see you shine on stage."

"Well, your beauty is the drama and I'm just the king trying to script our perfect love story."

"Would you mind if I propose a date, more genuine than a homeless man's proposal but without the drama of appendicitis?"

If you want to get drunk, lets toast. I'll get you drunk with my music (Jay Chou)

Is this what you've been waiting for? I'm all by myself... but it's all good (G-Dragon)

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Cringe drama Pickup Lines For Your Girlfriend

Let me tell you something you already know (BAP)

Let's make history tonight. (EXO)

Let's rendezvous at the rooftop! (Jay Chou)

Love is just a game to me…like Starcraft ( I’m Sorry i love you)

Love is like a jungle [baby] - survival of the fittest. Capture your prey or be captured (Show Lo)

Naega jeil jal naga I am the best (2NE1)

Please be my baby. (Wonder Girls)

Shall I tell you a something? You're Beautiful. (You are beautiful)

Wanna be my secrets that can't be told? (Jay Chou)

We’re tormented because love goes on, not because it goes away. (Il Mare)

Why don't we have another BIGBANG “tonight”? (Big Bang)

Will you kiss me? (G.Na)

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain Drama love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on dating sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty Drama openers to someone you haven’t even met yet.

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