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Top 50 Fuck Pick Up lines

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  1. Fuck me if I’m wrong but...

    Dinosaurs still exist right?

  2. Fuck me if I am wrong

    But I do have a chance of getting laid with you,right?

  3. Rose's are red, violets are blue

    Poems are stupid, let me fuck you

  4. Are you the german army? Because I'm going to...

    Fuck you as hard and fast as a Russian winter

  5. Damn girl, are you climate change?

    Cause you’re hot as fuck but i don’t see a future between us

  6. Damn girl are you basic math

    because im definitely going to fuck this up

  7. Hey girl, are you the Terms and Conditions?

    Cause I don't give a fuck about what you say

  8. Damn (gender of preference) are you a fire alarm?

    Because you’re really fucking loud and annoying.

  9. Damn girl are you a kiddie pool?

    Because you are shallow as fuck.

  10. Roses are red, violets kinda suck

    I like spaghetti, let's go fuck

fuck pickup line
What is a Fuck pickup line?

Funny fuck pickup lines

Everything in your life seems to be fucking you over right now
Why dont I join in?

Would you like to be my sun?

Then stay 92,935,700 miles the fuck away from me

What winks and fucks like a tiger?


Don't make me get the fucking whip and ballgag, bitch...

fuck pickup line
This is a funny Fuck pickup line!

Hey baby, tonight's the night before the apocalypse. Lets fuck like there's no tomorrow.

Hey baby, our iPhone's totally match. They should fuck & we should totally do the same.

Nice horseshoes, wanna fuck?

Are you the establishment? Because I'd like to fuck you.

Did you just fall from Heaven because you look like one really fucking evil, demonic bitch.

Hey tie your shoes

Probably been posted before but this a fucking clean ass line

Hey tie your shoes cause I don’t want you falling for anyone else

Hey girl are you a newspaper?

Because there is a new issue with you every fucking day

Fuck the election, here's my erection.

fuck pickup line
Working Fuck tinder opener

Are you from Tennessee?

Because you look inbred as fuck.

I want to be Popocatépetl to your Iztaccíhuatl, except your not dead just fucking drunk.

Is buttcheeks one word? Or should I spread them apart?

So immature but it makes me fucking laugh

Everything about you makes me want to fuck you, you have a job, pay your bills, AND have healthcare.

Damn girl are you a maths text book?

Cause you've got a lot of fucking problems

Girl, are you a newspaper?

Coz there is a different issue with you every fucking day

Are you a dead pigeon

Because i wanna fuck you

What's the difference between you and a Hotdog?

I don't wanna fuck a hotdog ;)

Are you the amazon rainforest?

Because you're fucking hot

Are you a pancake?

Cuz you flat as fuck bitch lmao

Hey, Baby. Are you a Miz Match? Because you're pretty fucking boring.