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Top 22 Group Pick Up lines

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  1. Hey babe, I’m a traveling hippie group. Mind if i go through your secret tunnel?

  2. That group of bikers won't be the only thing I "blow up" tonight.

  3. Whats your blood group?

    Because you totally seem to be my type!

  4. I dropped this on a friend while I may have been slightly tipsy at a bar last night.

    Him: "Come here often?"

    Me: "No, would you like to?"

    Him: "I'll have you know in spoken for"

    Me: "Is that so? Then allow me to make you speechless"

    He ended up telling the rest of our group, he was so impressed lol

  5. Help me pls guys

    Need the collective brain power of this group to help me think of a pick-up line about skiing. Tyty.

  6. Good opener for Isis

    She explicitly mentioned in her bio not to reference the terrorist group, so I'm at a loss. Assistance would be mad appreciated my dudes.

  7. Is your blood group AB+?

    Because you sure are my type.

  8. What do you call...

    What do you call a group of people, arranged in single file, collecting trash off the ground?

    A pick-up line.

  9. I need a bro

    Ok so last night I was all alone at the bar. Let's just say my friends were too busy to hang out. There were couple of good groups of girls. Being all alone I couldn't man up and talk to the girls. It is just me who feel little awkward to talk to girls when alone at a pub or bad?

  10. Hey girl, are you a secret group?

    Cause you look like you’re a little illuminaughty

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Hey girl. You have a fiiiiine piece...
Of personality

For research purposes for our group I asked my girl how she felt about it. She does appreciate how I pay attention to more than the basic essentials.
Take notes bois (and/or ladies).

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Are you a social interaction outside my friend group?

Because i get flustered when i'm near you

Are you the World Cup?

Because me and a group of men would like to kiss all over you

Hey, boy, let me get your number — you haven’t shown up to our group-project meetings in weeks.

group pickup line
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Looking for Group

When I'm not leading my group, I also volunteer at the abandoned old folks home.

Do you believe in love at first sight, or would you like me to conduct an RCT with treatment and control groups?

Let's play Justin Bieber Mall Tour, is a fierce group teens, and I'm a bit ‘ of white meat !

Group hug!

How do you feel about group experiments?

Hey girl! That lesson ran bell-to-bell and included a motivation, whole class and group activities, higher order questioning, and a meaningful summary? Your organizational skills are out of this world.