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50 King Pick Up lines

Use these King related pick up lines for your game of chess, tinder, or any other king related game. These funny and witty pick up lines with king will surely help you make that guy or girl laugh. Use these pick up lines with king now!

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  1. What to say when a flirty chat becomes dead for 2 days?

    You guys have ideas for good things to say after a flirty chat with a girl is dead for a few says.

    Hope you kings can help a brother out

  2. If I were the king, and you were the queen, in the cosmic game of chess, would you mate with me?

  3. Have you ever seen lion king? I'm that guy.

  4. Hey, girl, you look like a king cake. Let me put a baby in you.

  5. Was your dad king? He must have been to make a princess like you.

  6. I came up with this one. It kind of tells you a bit about the person how they answer. thoughts?

    If we were in a locked room together with no way out and only an hour left to live what would you do to me? The only objects in this room are a 4 poster king size bed with curtains, a knife, 1 full jar of coconut oil and a video camera that has the ability to send the live feed of what you do, to one person, who is not related to you.

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Gurlllll, I wanna put my Barbarian King in your Clan Castle.

Why did King Solomon have 700 wives?

Because he never met you.

Just like at Burger King, You’re the boss.

Cash is King.

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Smooth King pickup line

I can be the king of your burger.

Nice f**king weather. Want to?

You and I

Should open up a Vietnamese restaurant. Let’s call it Pho King.

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You are the Archer Queen to my Barbarian King.

If my king is hanging, would you eat it?

Girl, are you a king cake? Because I want to put a baby inside of you.

Do you work at Burger King? Because you’re giving it to me the way I like it!

Is your king under attack? Because I have been checking you out.

To make a princess like you, your father must be a king.

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Working King tinder opener

I am the king babe because you can't play without me.

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Forget about pumpkin, let's get straight to h**... king.

I want to have Pho-King with you tonight.

Are you a rook? Because my king wants to castle next to you.

Hey girl, are you a royal shark?

Because I can't stop fin-king about you.

This king bed needs its queen on it

As King Geoffrey saig: ‘hey gurl, I’d like to see your head on my pike’.

I don’t know a single thing about poker

But I could be the king of your heart

Babe, you want pho? I know a place Pho King Good.

Are you a queen, because you making me feeling like a king tonight.

“i think we have great chemistry.. wanna add some romance?”

“are you a skater boy? cause i wanna see ya later, boy”

“i’m in the business of misery. wanna join?”

“i heard you like blink-182. wanna make first date a reality?”

“have you heard the news that you’re dead? cause only angels look this beautiful.”

“if i bring you my bullets, will you give me your love?”

“if you take me home, i’d be your king for a day.”

“i wanna be your black veil bride.”

“do you have a girlfriend? if so, i think you need a new one.”

“you wanna join the black parade with me?”

“you look like the kind of person i’d write a song about.”

“this place is boring. wanna be my escape?”

“don’t mean to change the topic, but i think you’re kind of hot.”

“i heard good girls like bad guys. wanna test that theory out?”

If I were the king, and you were the queen, would you mate with me?

King II: Ooh, a ninja! And you use some wrestling moves too!

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All I have is a King-Size Candy. You think you can take it all?

Kirito: You stole my world and my heart. You are a king of thieves, alone upon a stolen throne.

David King: I’ll unclog you real good.

Have you heard the legend of the sword and the stone?

Well not even King Arthur can get my sword out of your stone.

And when you smile the world is brighter, you touch my hand and I'm a king. Your kiss to me is worth a fortune, your love for me is everything.

Everyone calls me a king
Because a king is a ruler and a ruler is 12 inches

Sword in the stone (probably old by now)

Babe, I wanna be so deep in you that when I pull out, I'd be the King of England

All I have is a King-Size Almond Joy. Not sure if you can take it all...

Hey baby they call me the Ice King

U wanna be my snow blower?

Was your dad king for a day? He must have been to make a princess like you.

Hey girl are you a stone?

Cause I wanna bury my sword so deep in you whoever pulls it out will be crowned king arthur

Hey girl, are you Burger King?

Cuz I won’t stop coming.

If I were a king, I would have introduced coins minted with your photo in my kingdom...

Let’s get food later.

I feel like Burger King, you can have McDonald’s. I’m gonna have it my way and you’ll be *bah du bah ba bah* Lovin’ It.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

Because you are just too f**king hot

Hey girl r u burger king

Because with me you can have it your way

Choose only a good well-crafted pick up lines for both ladies and guys. Even though certain King love messages are hilarious, be aware they may not work well in real life like they do on flirting sites and apps. It is often awkward using flirty King chat-up lines to someone you haven’t even met yet.