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  1. Hey, you look like you must be Polish.

    Because if you were unexpectedly on my bedroom floor right now I'd be going down on you whether I liked it or not.

  2. My where do you get your sceptre polished?

  3. hey how’d you like to help me polish my wand.

  4. Wish I was British so I could say "could you polish me nob?"

  5. I'll bet you 100 bucks that you're better in bed than elin, ill be the judge.,Wanna polish my driver?

  6. Wanna polish my iron?

  7. Are you Polish?

    'Cause I can see myself in you.

  8. Girl you so fine, i think you got polished with heavenly sandpaper.

  9. Hey girl, you got any nail polish remover?

    Cause dat ass, it toned

  10. I love cuisine "fusion". Want to try Polish-Mexican with me?

    "...I was thinking about a kielbasa taco."

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Wanna see my dice collection?
Some of them are dirty though, so maybe you can help me by polishing my D10.

I'm a man of many tongues...

So I live in a community made artificially multicultural. All kinds of curious creatures with curious ears, tongues and orifices.

It's quite common to try to establish common tongues. Often in an encounter the first thing you'll ask is where are you from or you'll step up the game and try to predict it up front.

French, German, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, etc. I've tried learning these and I pick them up very quickly when I try but get bored. Different ways of saying the same thing. Dressing up the same thing differently.

Best pickup line for me? It's not oh I know a bit of Spanish or Italian.

It's I suck and blow at speaking different languages. I only know two or three.

English, Cunnilingus and a bit of Anilingus but I never beat around the bush. Either works every time or it was never meant to happen.

Are you a polish jew in the 1940s?

Because you’re flamin hot

I promise to lick your balls clean and polish your shaft before and after each use during the upcoming golf season.

Wanna polish my pike?

Hey baby, if you were a polishing disc, you'd be superfine.

I need your help to polish my gun.

You should come back to my place. My master sword needs to be polished.

What is the shade of nail polish called that you are wearing that looks so good?

Will you use ROCK POLISH on my Pokeballs?