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Top 23 Puns Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Puns pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than reddit. Include killer Omegle conversation starters and useful chat up lines and comebacks for situations when you are burned, guaranteed to work best as Tinder openers.

  1. If I had to rate you out of 10

    You'd be a 9 anna half
    - a pun pickup for girls named anna

  2. Pick-up line for a girl named Skye

    Anyone got a pick-up line or pun for a girl named skye.

  3. Need Puns for the name Yara

    Usually good with puns but how the hell can you come up with a pun for the name Yara? If you can, you da real MVP

  4. The best posible line for a special Andrea

    A really good pun, she's really into memes too!!

  5. Need a pickup line for Julianna

    Really cute girl I found and I want to give her a pun based on her name that both clever and funny

  6. Pickup Line/Pun For A Brooklyn

    If you can't come up with anything for a Brooklyn I'm sure a Brooke pun may work, since its probably a common nickname for her. Anything helps, my creative energy just seems drained.

  7. Need a pickup line for a girl named Julianne

    Preferably a pun if possible

  8. I need a pun from/with(whatever) the name SNEHA please anyone helpp

    Decide yr reward

  9. [Request] Met a girl at a lemonade booth

    I met a cute girl named Zoe the other day. She was running a booth that served hand made lemonade at a festival. She gave me her number, but I'm looking for a good joke or pun to get the conversation rolling. Any thoughts?

  10. Cute girl with the name vi

    So yea need a good pun for that nice girl
    show me what u got reddit :)

puns pickup line
What is a Puns pickup line?

Funny puns pickup lines

Need one for Eliza
I need a pun or pickup line for Eliza

Poke pun fun.

Never met a hot torchic than you. Wanna Take a weedle rhydon my lapras until you squirtle bit? Youre making my venusaur. I’ll machoke entei you up if that’s what you’re into. Crap, did I lugia? Ok, bye. Sorry.

Anyone got one for Rani

Her name's Rani and I need a mind blowing pun or pickup line for her name.

Pun for Judi

If you can think of one, she’s yours

puns pickup line
This is a funny Puns pickup line!

I don't need mercun because you pun dah cun melencun.

Girl named Ava
What's a funny pun for a girl named Ava?


Looking for a pickupline for or pun for a girl named Carolina

Need some for a Eve

She hates puns

Any pickup lines with the name Shanaz

Puns or rhymes?

Let's 'bag' this place and go get a coffee. And yes, I am proud of that pun.

I can tell you must spend a lot of time on the court. It's your lucky day, because I'm looking for somebody who loves me enough to follow an elaborate court-ship procedure, and that may take years! Make sure to emphasize the court in the courtship, otherwise a great pun could get lost in there.

Sweetie-pumpkin, you got so much game, you must be a natural. Want to come with me to listen to a speaker on Natural Family Planning? It's Thursday at 6:30 in the parish hall. Again, watch that pun!