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  1. Ooo boy you look like you could change a diaper quickly...

  2. Are you Hermes because you look little and quick.

  3. Let's quickly implement your interconnection targets.

  4. My workout sessions are a lot like my relationships. Quick, intense cardio with lots of intervals, followed by pizza.

  5. I've got quick hands, a fast horse, and strong arms that can hold you tight all night long.

  6. I can't Bolivia how quick we're russian into this alliance.

  7. Girl, you better call Lester quick because you are definitely five stars.

  8. I’d get on my knee pads for you quickly.

  9. Are you a toaster?

    Cause you're turning me from soft to hard real quick

    - Day 96

  10. Can you punch me real quick?

    Cause I’m looking for an excuse to hit on you

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I noticed how quick you took off your belt for that TSA security line.

To be used on strangers

Approach target on either left/ right side the say "Hey do you believe in love at 1st sight?"
If she says no, do a quick spin around to the other side from her back and say "How about at 2nd sight?"
Hope this works!

Let me just swab your throat real quick...

Quick i need any pickup line

I'm sliding into a girls dms

My love, if I were to converse with you in the private chambers of your mother and father, to tell of the growth that is forming on my bell, would you yell...

"Fuck off with you, I'm not loving someone with Freddie Mercurial tendencies!", or would you smile a gleeful grin and let me run it up your chin.

Please answer me quickly dear, I must know... I'm vulnerable.

Are you 911,

Cuz I might need you to come real quick

Need help quick
Need a pickup line for Arrianna

Do you need any help?

This happened to me a few weeks ago and I'm pretty proud of this line I made up.

I was walking around in a department store with this girl, and a worker came up to us and asked
"Do you guys need any help?"

I responded with the usual "No thanks" and then quickly added "I already found everything I'm looking for"

My friend gasped a little, and as I walked away, I heard the worker say "Damn that was good."

Hey, are you the next freeway exit?

Because it is coming up quick and I am looking to get off.

Hey girl are you a kahoot! question?

Cause I wanna do you quick

Hey are you a Rollerball Pen, Surcotto 0.5mm Black Gel Pen Smooth Ballpoint Pen Quick-Drying Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen?

Cos damn girl you're pretty fine

For this one be sure to screenshot the “new contact” screen, like putting a new number basically

“Sorry to bother you, I just wanted to see if you could help me by filling out a quick survey I have for school, it’ll only take 2 seconds I promise”


*send screenshot of the empty New Contact screen*

See if they give you their number

Are you RAM?

Because I want quick access to fill you up.

Pickup line for an Eva?

I need it pretty quick haha. Thanks!

Hey baby. You turn me on as quickly leather face turns on his chainsaw!

Can I grab my glasses

Damn girl, let me grab my glasses real quick. I'm tryna see that ass in 20/20

Hey girl, are you a Taco Bell?

Because I want to go in and out real quick

How do you burn a lot of calories ver quickly?

Set a fat kid on fire

Request quick!!!

There is a girl sitting alone on the other side of the student lounge blonde with blue eyes and beautiful. Need a pickup line quick!!!

Hey girl are you a Rollerball Pen, Surcotto 0.5mm Black Gel Pens Smooth Ballpoint Pen Quick-Drying Liquid Ink Rollerball Pen?

Because you're really fine

When a gamer girl is a virgin

Cuz I can get your through the tutorial pretty quickly

Roses are I like to hum

Call me quick and we can do it up the bum

Hey, can you meet me real quick? I just fell

I fell in love with you

I'll make all your dreams come to life


Man, I’ve heard about Barcelona’s pickpockets

but I had no idea you’d steal my heart so quickly.