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Top 50 Ship Pick Up lines

Love being on a ship? Tired of the same old boring pick up lines? Spice up your life and flirt with that cute guy or girl with these ship related pick up lines. These pick up lines feature common things and themes about ships such as ship parts, life on a ship, and the different kinds of ships. Whether you are on a cruise, at a dock, or standing in front of a ship ship, you can use these pick up lines to impress and flirt with that person. Easily copy and paste the best pickup lines now!

  1. You’d make a fine US navy ship...

    Because you’d look great with seamen all over you.

  2. Are you a ship?

    Cause i'm des-pirate for you

  3. Ill plunge my ship into your ocean.

  4. I would buy a pirate ship to find that booty.

  5. Hey can I get on your ship?

    Cause Id love to loot your booty.

  6. Hey Girl! My space ship is ready.

    Wanna ride?

  7. Just finished installing OS X Lion. There's a frigging rocket ship in my dock!

  8. Are you a captain of a ship? Cuz I'm the captain of my own destiny...

  9. I not bragging but I came in 3 different ships.

  10. I named my ship Relations cause I like to be literal and knew you were coming home with me.

ship pickup line
What is a Ship pickup line?

Working ship pickup lines

Tribbles won't be the only thing reproducing on this ship.

Hey girl, were you on the Mayflower? Because you rock my ship.

Would you be so kind as to allow me to dock my ship in your harbor?

We may be two ships that pass in the night, but I must have your number before you Ceylon.

ship pickup line
This is a funny Ship pickup line!

Hey dude are you my ship cause I'm feeling sick over you.

Do you like sailing?
You can be the ship and I'll be the captain.

Cause the captain always goes down on his ship.

Arr, out of all the ships I Plundered, you be my favorite treasure.

This ship could take you a thousand miles and could take you toward my heart.

I got a nice ship, and I am not afraid to get down and wet tonight.

Babe I just wrote a complaint to Amazon, because they do not ship you.

What goes faster than the speed of light? Me getting the hell outta there when I first saw your ship!

I'll plunge my ship into you like the Titanic.

ship pickup line
Working Ship tinder opener

My space ship is about to launch. It's going to blow!

Carrier: This ship strikes as the spear of justice!

Aye! Would you like to ride on my ship?

No strong wave nor angry sea could ever break a sturdy and firm ship.

Have you seen Titanic? Did you like how the ship went down?

Babe, do you work on Amazon, you must ship you and I together.

You must be a ship, because you have always been on my radar.

Is that a rocket ship in your pants or are you just happy to see me.

I must be a rocket ship because I wanna land in ur-anus

Are you a captain of a ship? Because I want to become the captain of our own destiny.

Babe, if you show me your mooning. I will show you my rocket ship.