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  1. Are you an Airbender?

    Because you are bending my breath away.

  2. How bout you bend over and I'll takeover.

  3. Are you a backstroke start? Because baby you got me bending over backwards for you.

  4. Hey girl. Maybe later I can show you my body bending.

  5. If I were to choose a bending power I would the ability to "bend" your heart!

  6. Are you David Beckham ? Why would you bend over for you.

  7. I heard you like Magic sweetheart, well bend over and watch my dick disappear.

  8. I'm pretty good at blood bending.

  9. Did you remove my bending? Because a part of me is not bending anymore.

  10. Roses are Red, Violets are Twisted

    Bend over cuz you’re about to get fisted

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Ever wanted to hit on a cute girl at the register of a store, but don't have time because you'd hold up the line? Try this.
This isn't a pickup line per se, but I've always found this situation to be frustrating. She's super hot, but you can't chat her up during your transaction-- it doesn't take long enough, and you can't just stand there holding up the people behind you. So here's what I do (and it's worked a couple times).

What you'll need: A pen, a post-it note, and a little bit of stealth

What you do: Walk into the store, ID the girl you want to talk to. As soon as you walk in, make sure she can't see you put the pen on the counter-- a good way to do this is to do it as you bend down to tie your shoes (leave one shoe untied to make it more convincing).

When you're checking out, put your items on the counter and put your post-it note to the side (maybe take it out of your pocket as if you're looking for your money/wallet/card and just want to discard it for a second).

This is where the pen from the beginning comes in. Ask her "Hey, can I borrow that pen?" She'll assume it's the store's, and she'll say sure.

While she's ringing you up, write your name and number on the post-it note. Take your items and your change, and then give her this:

"Oh, here's your pen back... thanks. And here's my phone number. Call me."

And then calmly walk out of the door with a smile on your face. MAKE SURE YOU SMILE. Add a wink if you're feeling particularly confident. It also helps if you can at least make small talk during the process-- try to make her laugh or smile.

Like I said, this has worked for me at least twice, and one time it didn't work, the girl still said it was "cute."

Just thought I'd share a solution to a problem I hate. Didn't really know where else to put it.

This is gonna get downvoted straight to the eighth circle of Hell, isn't it? :-(

Old friend and I started talking again always loved her for a long time

Did you know when you bend a piece of metal the atoms in the metal release kinetic energy and the result is the metal heating up because the atoms are moving same as the body when it moves it releases kinetic energy. And when I talk to you, you bend my rigid heart back into shape and heats up everytime I talk to you

Roses are red Violets are twisted

Bend over and prepare to be fisted

Only thing you're gonna bend is over.

Roses are red

Roses are red , I like game controllers
Let's play some games and then you bend over

With all the ways you bend me to your will using the curves of your body

It's no wonder I can't think straight when I'm not around you.

Girl, you like a paperclip
'cause I just wanna bend you around my fingers.

Girl bending the knee

And saying a pickup line first.

Please share a good pickup line to say to a guy

Me and life have a lot In common,

We both want to bend you over and fuck you up

Roses are red , Violets are twisted

Bend over you’re about to get fisted

Are you a tombstone?

Cuz id bend over to give u a lil somethin’

I don't know about firebending or airbending but..

...I'd like to master bending you over a table

I came up with this while browsing avatar lore , you're welcome .

I can bend it better than beckham.

Are you David Beckham? Because I'd bend for you.

Excuse me, My name is Ben Dover (bend over). Would you like to meet my friend Master Bates (masturbates)? Or should I do it for you?

I heard you like Magic, well bend over and watch my dick disappear

I sense something… a presence I’ve not felt since I saw you bend over the bar.

Are you a Jehovah's Witness? Because I'm about to bend Jehovah and let you witness this dick.

Will you be my Jawnees? Cause I drop my Jaw and bend on my knees every time I see you