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Top 50 Melt Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Melt pick up lines that always work, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Melt tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. If your a candle wick and I’m the wax..

    Then I’m always melting when I’m close but I’ll be there to hold you up when you’re not feeling so hot.

  2. Hey girl, are you an oven?

    Cause I wanna melt inside you

  3. Are you milk?

    Cause i wanna churn your insides and make it feel like melting butter

  4. You're so hot, you melt the polyester in my Class A Uniform.

  5. Are you catching fire? Because you make my heart melt.

  6. You're so good looking, you make my heart melt like butter on a hot piece of frybread.

  7. Do you know the melting point of a human heart?

    Don't know about others. But for me it's your smile ;)

  8. Are you a lava bender because you melt my heart.

  9. I feel like an ice wraith. You're making me melt.

  10. Titanic would have never sank if you would have been in it

    The ice burg would have melted looking at you

    * Not good with grammar correct me me if i’m wrong *

melt pickup line
What is a Melt pickup line?

Working melt pickup lines

I'm not a snowman,

but you make my heart melt.

I always have a low melting point when it comes to you. Why? Because youre highly exothermic.

Hey baby, you make my heart melt. Except for right now because it's frozen.

You and I could totally melt my igloo.

melt pickup line
This is a funny Melt pickup line!

If you were on Titanic, it wouldn't have hit iceberg and sunk.

Because the iceberg would have melted after seeing you.

You're so hot, you're melting the elastic in my underwear.

Are you sun?

Because everytime I see you, my heart melts like ice cream or chocolate

This one is if you waited a time after you matched

If I wait any longer with an icebreaker, the ice would be melted by now

(Worked for me)
Note: it's translated from dutch, so it might not be the best

If I were a Bunsen burner, you would be my flame, hotter than a bunsen to melt a few things.

Have you seen Titanic? You would have melted that iceberg cause you're so hot.

Is the intense heat melting the skin from my body the result of nuclear fission...or is it just you.

You make my heart melt faster than hot chocolate.

melt pickup line
Working Melt tinder opener

You know what's the melting point of human heart?

Not sure about others but for me it's "your smile".

Hey Did you know you would have saved titanic from Sinking!

Coz the iceberg would have melt just looking at you

Could you please step away from the bar? Your hair looks so hot you’re melting all the ice.

Girl, people call me skittle. Because I do not instantly melt in your mouth.

You're so hot, I looked at you and my pina colada melted.

Babe are you candy? Because I will make you melt with my tongue.

Got any gummy bear? Because this one will just melt in your mouth.

Girl, I love how you melt this hard chocolate bar with your mouth, perhaps you can melt something else tonight.

Leave the mountain because you have melted all the snow.

Even ice cream melts in my hand, why don't you?

Kirito: The warmth of our bodies began to melt my frozen heart bit by bit.