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Top 20 Destroy Uranus Pick Up lines

Do you want to destroy Uranus with the best pick up lines? Use these pick up lines to help you destroy the man or woman that you love. Flirt and impress with these pick up lines about destroying Uranus. Easily copy & paste the best pickup lines now!

  1. How many planets are in a solar system?

    Her: 8

    Him: 7 after i destroy uranus

  2. There is a debate whether there are 8 planets or 9

    The debate will soon change to 7 planets or 8 after I destroy Uranus

  3. If I were an astronaut

    I'd invade Uranus and destroy your assmosphere

  4. If I had access to the death star...

    The first thing I would do is destroy Uranus

  5. There's only seven planets left!

    Hey, do you know how many planets are in our solar system? I'll give you a hint, there's only gonna be 7 left once I destroy Uranus.

  6. Have you heard what the scientists are saying?

    There will only be 7 planets once I destroy Uranus.

destroy uranus pickup line
What is a Destroy Uranus pickup line?

Working short destroy uranus pickup lines to impress a girl

There's only gonna be 7 planets tonight.

Because I'm gonna destroy Uranus.

I’m a lot like The Death Star

Because I could destroy Uranus

If I could be any Greek deity I'd want to be Cronus.

Because I'd be the only one who can destroy Uranus.

You know from tomorrow there'll be only 7 planets left in our Solar System.

Cause I'll destroy Uranus tonight.

destroy uranus pickup line
This is a funny Destroy Uranus pickup line!

There were only 8 planets

After I destroyed Uranus.

There are only going to be 7 planets in the sky tonight...
'cause I'm going to destroy uranus

If I could be any Roman deity I would be Cronus

Because I'd be the only one who could destroy Uranus

destroy uranus Pickup Lines to Steal Your Crush's Heart

I hope you have planet insurance

Because I’m about to destroy Uranus

Tomorrow there'll only be 7 planets left cuz tonight...I'm destroying Uranus.

Eyy girl
Theres only going to be seven planets left after i destroy Uranus

Soon there will only be 7 planets left in the solar system.

Because I'm gonna destroy Uranus.

Soon there’ll be 7 planets

Because I’m gonna destroy Uranus

There will only be 7 planets left after I destroy Uranus.

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