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Top 50 Penis Pick Up lines

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  1. Are you peanut butter

    Because my dog likes you on my penis

  2. I’m having the urge to grow several penis tentacles.

  3. Every time i regenerate, my penis gets bigger.

  4. I'm Loki of Asgard and I'm burdened with glorious penis.

  5. Your penis must be ISIS, because I am going to destroy it.

  6. Is that a tumour in your penis or are you just happy to see me.

  7. My penis is gluten-free.

  8. Did You Know precious, my penis is made of Valyrian steel.

  9. Did I mention it also travels in time? [points at penis]

  10. A freak lab explosion left me with this 16-inch penis.

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Funny penis pickup lines

My penis' nick name is Red Terror.

Hey girl did you know my penis grants wishes? But only if you make the dragon rise from the balls.

Girl, you know the best part about having a penis?

Sharing it with people who don't have one.

I call my penis the noble hierarch. It gets bigger whenever I send it to the red zone and I can tap it for white mana.

I don't penetrate you, your vagina just has a magnetic reaction to my penis.

Damn girl is your titty a penis?

Because I want to suck on it

I Call My Penis "The Truth"
Cause Bitches Can't Handle It

Do you like to work out often?

Because you’ve been lifting my penis daily.

You look like you have some darkness inside you. Would you like some more? And, by the way, I call my penis darkness.

My penis is a syringe full of medicine that I must inject into you.

If you like my tweets, you're gonna love my penis.

Rose's are red, Violets are blue

The FBI wants my penis, can I hide it inside you?

Hey baby, my boobs are looking right at your penis down there.

You know, even my penis sheath is black velvet!

I see you've brought up my penis.

I like that in a woman.

The FBI wanna steal my penis

Can I hide it inside you?

I'm not taking credit. Heard this on Last Comic Standing and had to share it with the rest of the world.

"My penis just lost its job, so if you know of any openings it can fill..."

Roses are red, The sky is blue

The FBI wants to steal my penis
Can I hide it inside you?

Roses are red, violets are blue

I think my penis is craving you:)

Hey girl are you unemployed?

Cause i think i have a position available on my penis.

A guys mind

They say a guys mind is in his penis... So ill let you blow my mind anyday..

Are you chlamydia?

Because I want you on my penis

I like my women like I like my coffee

Without a penis

People make fun of me because I have a penis like a new born baby

7lb 6oz

Sexual pickup line

You must be from Ireland because when I see you my penis is Dublin.