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Top 50 Practice Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Practice pick up lines and openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Practice conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Is your mom practice

    Because practice makes perfect

  2. Hi, do you want to have my children? Nope. OK, can we just practice then?

  3. Hi I’m your new math tutor…

    Give me your number so we can practice multiplying!

  4. Your nearness offers intending to my yoga practice and illumination.

  5. So you're in drumline? Okay, then we can practice lst bass together.

  6. I like to practice safe sex, I'll tie you to the bed so you don't fall off

  7. Who said orgy?! It is just an exchange of best practices.

  8. I've been in the practice room working on my tonguing. Want to help me?

  9. Could I borrow your wand? I need to practice my 'swish and flick.'

  10. I think you should come over tonight so we can practice that stage kiss...

practice pickup line
What is a Practice pickup line?

Working practice pickup lines

Will you help me practice my heat conduction?

Are you the end of practice? Because you're always on my mind.

Why don't we make like TSA officers in the break room and practice groping each other for a little while?

Nama'stay in my bed and let us practice your downward facing dog.

practice pickup line
This is a funny Practice pickup line!

I was planning on going into general practice, but tonight we can practice internal medicine.

Hey, girl, did you practice karate?

Cause it really looks like your practice has paid off. Good form.

Is your mom's name practice Cause practice makes perfect <33

Slim Bob: Ugh, I'm practically skin and bones!

In my nursing class we just learned how to bathe people... can I practice on you?

Hey, baby, I wanna let you know, I took a shot to the leg today and only cried for two hours after practice.

I want to be practice CPR on you tonight - even though you are not a plastic CPR dummy.

What do a road skater and a stripper share practically? The two of them love crushing the rail.

practice pickup line
Working Practice tinder opener

If you want to practice your kickflips, come over and I'll be your board.

I always practice good seamanship.

Want to practice some REAL gun control?

Babe, can you help me practice my pistol aim?

I'm not a CPR dummy, but you can practice mouth-to-mouth on me any day.

Babe, you look like you need some stroking practice.

Help me practice my spray control...

Lets go into the practice room and work on our tonguing, fingering and lip slurs.

Hey girl, would you let me practice penalty kicks against you?

Coz you're a keeper!

Do you enjoy exercise?

Let's practice flexing your jaw muscles on a hard surface.

Wanna practice some REAL gun control?