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  1. Hey girl, I'm not using Google anymore coz when I saw you the search was over

    *wink *wink

  2. Ain't using Google no more , cause when I saw you , the search was over

  3. I just stopped using google...

    Because once i found you, the search was over

  4. I searched for "beautiful" on Google Maps

    And it lead me to you

  5. Is your name Google?

    Because you got everything I am searching for.

  6. Your name must be Google. You have everything I’m searching for!

searched pickup line
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I'm just a verb in search of my subject. Without you, I'm a dangling participle.

Are you shelf R.1034? Because I've been searching for you everywhere.

Are you a Pokémon? ‘Cause I’d search far and wide for you.

I'll search your grabbable area..

searched pickup line
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Do you have a hashtag, because you’re everything I’ve been searching for.

Are you google ? Because you're everything I am searching for.

You remind me of a Google search of a really hot celebrity

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Let's go rainbow searching and fountain swimming so I know it's real.

Are you google?

'Cause you make me want to search up pickup lines to impress you.

In all the power meetings I’ve ever been to, this room is one of the hottest... for real, it’s hot! Just like your paid search campaign, you’ve made quite the impression on me.

Hey Girl is your name google??

Coz you got everything I am searching for

You must be a paid search expert, because your cookies keep me coming back for more.

I search Google for nearby restaurants and it lead me to you because you got the whole meal.

searched pickup line
Working Searched tinder opener

You play call of Duty? 'Cause I'm search and destroy that ass.

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I have been searching for a queen, and I have just found the one tonight.

Michael: Searching for meaning is philosophical suicide. How does anyone do anything when you understand the fleeting nature of existence?

I've been searching for a queen, and you fit the bill.

Are you Wai s**... Tong because I’d like to search your secret library.

Girl did you hack my search results? Because all the SERP redirects to you.

I sense a soul in search of answers.

When I searched your name, I found that people also ask why is your name so beautiful.

If you got a big d**..., let me search it, and find out how hard I gotta work ya. (Work It)

Arbiter: Girl, I am just another soul in search of answers until I met you.

I've been searching for you for a long time, babe. I was rather beginning to think you didn't want to be found.

Excuse me but do you by any chance work at google?

No? because i swear you have everything i'm searching for

Rashid: Searching for loved ones is hard. You just don’t know when to stop.

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You are like Google....

Because you have got everything I am searching for.

I'm not going to use Google anymore

because when I saw you my search was over

You are the light that I have been searching for.

Are you a featured snippet? Because I have stopped searching for the answer.

You rank first on my personalized search results.

I guess u’re Google
Because u have everything im searching for ^^

I think I saw you in a Google search!

Her: For what?

Beautiful Singles near me.

Are you a scientist?

Cause I've been re-searching for you

Say baby, I had to mention, if you were a star, you'd be the only one I'm searching for. from "Shut it Down"

At Wide Receiver… is his name Google, cause he’s got everything I’m searching for…from the Pittsburgh Steelers… Antonio Brown!

Hey girl, Sauron must be searching for you

Because you're the One.

Oh, here you are.

I was trying find a snack in my refrigerator all week, I was searching for it in the wrong place.

Idk why pirates spend their whole life searching for treasure?

'Cause the real treasure is the girl reading this

Stop right there

I’m an undercover police and I need to search you.
(Pat him down, gently graze his )
I see you’re packing something sir.
I’m taking you downtown.

Works every time lol

Stop searching for the other half, you are not the half

Coz you are the one

Girl, you are the limited edition box that I have been searching for all my life.

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