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  1. How to respond to: Do you like sales? Cause clothes are 100% off at my place

    I've foud this beautiful girl and this is what she came up with. Please boys help me out with this one, english is not my first language so its quite hard for me to come up with a good response

  2. I respond well to left handed urging.

  3. My phone is Light

    *>Goes up to a lady and holds out my phone to her "Would you mind holding this for a second?"*
    \>Lady takes the phone for a moment
    \>A*sks "Does my phone feel light to you"*

    \>Lady responds "I guess?"
    \>T*akes the phone back "I knew it it's been feeling light all day, and I just can't figure out out"*
    \>O*pens up the contacts list and browses through it, when a sudden look of shock is on my face "I figured it out!"*
    \>Lady goes "What?"

    *>Says as I hold the phone out to her again "It's missing your number"*

  4. Hey do you remember me?

    More than likely will respond.

    Then say “That’s okay. I forget my dreams too sometimes

  5. YEET

    If she responds with YEET its final

  6. Do you need any help?

    This happened to me a few weeks ago and I'm pretty proud of this line I made up.

    I was walking around in a department store with this girl, and a worker came up to us and asked
    "Do you guys need any help?"

    I responded with the usual "No thanks" and then quickly added "I already found everything I'm looking for"

    My friend gasped a little, and as I walked away, I heard the worker say "Damn that was good."

  7. Helpp!! How do i respond ?

    Damn, are you a DJ? Cuz you just made my heart drop a beat

  8. How do I respond??

    I just sent a pickup line,
    “I was looking into important dates in history, you wanna be mine?”
    And she said “yessir”
    What should I say next???


    I am in a trap I started a conversation too early in the morning and now I don’t know how to respond!! Here’s how the conversation has gone:

    Me: you’re lucky your baby is going to be famous one day

    Them: why?

    What should I respond?? I have nothing and I want to make it some of corny/funny/smooth pick up line

  10. I can eat yogurt without a spoon

    She said “wow impressive” and I don’t know how to respond.

responded pickup line
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What could I have done better? Used something I saw on this sub.
Okay so went in after a bit of hesitation because of my age. Her being 24 and me being 20 (never dated anyone outside of a year of me before. Anyways, I had talked to her on a couple times before, nothing big, either related to lab work or some other stuff. She doesn't work in my lab so I wouldn't see her more than once every 2 weeks or so.
But I finally caught her alone in the lab and here's a rough script. Don't remember exact wording.

Me: hey you look lonely, where's the other person in the lab?
Her: Taking care of something, she's around

Me: *nods* at least your summer actually summed up to something. My lab was such a mess in the beginning that I haven't been able to get much done.
Her:How much longer do you have left?
Me: 2 weeks? I think. He's been paying me the last 3 so I have a couple pennies to my name now.
Her: I'm just here for a summer program so I'm not getting paid...
Me: you can't get more in debt than you are in med school *playful laugh* hey did you say you were from Nashvillle?

Her: Yeah
Me: What high school?
Me: oh cool did you know (my roommates' names)
Her: I think I know of him
He: yeah he was a few years under so I would've been surprised if you did. I'm going down Friday to see them, you got any weekend plans?
Her: Not really:
Me: Well in that case, I got a riddle for you. I need you to pay close attention...
Her: ?? (Puzzled look)
if a tree falls in the forest
And there's no one around to hear it
Wanna grab dinner Friday night?
Her: I'd love to
Me: Don't get to talk to you much here, thought I'd give it a shot :)
Me: I promise I won't tell your boss (my dad - another reason I was hesitant)
*exchanged numbers*

Sure it worked, so I'm happy, but is there anything I could've done better. It's hard to convey everything in written form. But just from what's given. Any red flags?

You be my #1 tenant, and I’ll always respond to your requests and keep satisfaction high.

Oh girl are you the Chandrayaan 2 because it seems we've lost contact

Could use this pick-up line for a woman who hasn't responded in a few days

How to respond

Some chick I’ve been hitting on told me to try harder. How should I respond?

responded pickup line
This is a funny Responded pickup line!

Best First Text To Girls On Dating App

I'm a man and looking for a long term relationship and it is kind of brain storm to comeup up with a new customized one for every single profile. Besides, we can't expect everyone to respond or even look at it.

What are someof your best pickup lines for girls on a dating app ?

Response for "what makes me feel at home? My fridge", "but isnt it always empty?", "You havent seen my fridge" ?
From OkCupid, on a girl's profile question that asks "What makes me feel at home?", A girl answered "My fridge".

I sent a message about that question/answer saying "but isn't it empty all the time?", To which she responded "You haven't seen my fridge". What to respond?


What’s a funny way to respond to the fineapple pickup line

‘Hey, how do you do that?’

She/he responds ‘What?’
‘Look so good.’

If a girl ever calls themselves trash...

...always respond "Well if you're trash, can I, take you out?"

I changed your name in my phone to (name).exe,

Because (name).exe has stopped responding

How do you respond to “Hey what’s cookin’ good lookin’?”

I’m used to being on the other end of this so I have no idea how to respond to this pls help

Need one for Tiyasha

A pickup line that make her laugh and respond to the DM.

responded pickup line
Working Responded tinder opener

A guy is talking to a girl and she asks if he's hitting on her

He responds, "I'm knot, I'm tied up."

Call me an emergency responder

Cause I'm trying to inspect your axe wound, girl

Hey baby, are you internet explorer?

Because my dick is not responding.

[Look at her shirt label.] When they say, "What are you doing?" You respond: "Yep! Made in heaven!"

Guy asks girl: You're a-looking for mormon huh?
Girl responds: What? Weird question.
Guy says: Cuz I'm lookin for mor-women.

You be my #1 client, and I’ll always respond to your requests and keep satisfaction high.

You be my #1 tenent, and I’ll always respond to your requests and keep satisfaction high.