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Top 18 Triangle Pick Up lines

Do you see a hot girl or guy with a guy or girl? See if you can pick them up if you are already in a Triangle Pick Up Line. Use these clever pick up lines when you are already in a love relationship. These pick up lines that work are perfect for the Triangle relationship!

  1. If you're a triangle, you'll be acute one.

  2. If I said you had a great body triangle would you hold it against me?

  3. Are you a 90 degree triangle? coz you are looking right!

  4. Are you a triangle?

    Because you'd be acute one.

  5. Girl are you a triangle

    Cuz you'd be acute one

  6. If you were a triangle

    You'd be acute one

  7. I'm a Square, You're a Triangle

    You're the top of my house

  8. Ayy girl, are you a pair of congruent triangles?

    Because you're giving me a lot of SAS right now.

  9. If you were a triangle you’d be an obtuse one

    Because you thicc

  10. If you were a triangle...

    You’d be acute. (Actual pickup line that worked for me in 9th grade geometry)

triangle pickup line
What is a Triangle pickup line?

Working triangle pickup lines

If you are a triangle
You would be Acute one


CUZ YOU'RE A QT(cutie)

How many sides are there in a triangle?

I wanna have kiss with you

Hey are you a triangle?

Because you’re acute one.

triangle pickup line
This is a funny Triangle pickup line!

Girl, are you a triangle?

Cause you acute, but you also look right.

You have nicer legs than an Isosceles right triangle.

Hey babe, can I see your Bermuda Triangle?