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Top 43 Square Pick Up lines

Following is our collection of smooth and dirty Square pick up lines that always work, openingszinnen working better than Reddit as Tinder openers. Charm women with funny and cheesy Square tagalog conversation starters, chat up lines, and comebacks for situations when you are burned.

  1. Are you the square root of -100?

    Because you're a solid 10 but you're too good to be real

  2. Are you the square root of -1?

    Cause your unreal

  3. Hey Girl! You are more beautiful than temple square in December.

  4. Is that a slide ruler in your pocket or are you calculating the square root of 3?

  5. Girl, are you squared, because you are always positive!

  6. I wish I was cosine squared and you sine squared

    Because together we would be one

  7. You are like a sponge to my square pants.

  8. Girl are you the square root of -1 because you are entirely imaginary.

  9. Spiderman just came up to me in Times Square and told me I dropped something - his phone number.

  10. Instead of completing the square, why not we complete each other?

square pickup line
What is a Square pickup line?

Working square pickup lines

Babe, I want to trap you in that little square.

My favorite square on the chess board are the G-spots.

Are u the square root of 16?

Cause you got me in all fours

There's 900 square feet in a volleyball court, and i still find my way directly to you.

square pickup line
This is a funny Square pickup line!

Girl, are you a square root sign, because you are radical!

Are you the square root of a negative number?
Because I can’t believe you’re real

Girl, are you a square?

Cuz you got all the right angles

I'm a Square, You're a Triangle

You're the top of my house

Tell the square root of negative one to multiple by itself, because shit just got real.

Are you cos squared to my sin squared?

Coz together we become 1!

Are you the square root of -100

Cause you're a 10 and too good to be real

Are you square root of -1

Bcz you can't be real

square pickup line
Working Square tinder opener

You know what’s a shame

You have 1.5 square meters of skin and you’re only showing 10% of it.

Hey girl you must be the square root of -1

Cuz you can't be real

Are u the square root of -100

Because you are a solid 10 but also imaginary

I wish I were sin squared and you were cos squared so that together we could be one!

Are you the square root of -36?

Because you are 6i

1. Hey baby, how 'bout some nuclear fusion tonight?

2. I don't know, I sense the Coulomb Force which would cause our protons to repel each other.

1. Yeah baby, but our protons are positively charged and even though they might repel each other they will nonetheless stick together.

2. Yes, but the force has a strong dependence on distance, and I sense it's a short range force.

1. But baby, this force can overcome the electrocstatic repulsion.

2. Maybe, but it all depends on the size of the atomic nuclei.

1. I thought size doesn't matter. Besides large atomic nuclei release no energy.

2. Size doesn't matter, unless the atomic nuclei is too small. Besides, I feel sure the kinetic energy, due to inverse square force, cannot overcome the electrostatic repulsion. Therefore our nuclear fusion will instead become nuclear fission...or worse yet, nuclear fizzle.

1. Ouch.

You must be the square root of -1.

Because you can't be real.

If you were a Captcha, I'd choose all your squares as fine...

Then I'd uncheck them just so that I could tap that again!

Are you the absolute value of the square root of 100?

Cause no matter how I see it you're always a 10

If i was cosin squared and you were sin squared we would be one.

You must be sin squared, because I'm cosin squared and together we equal one.