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Top 50 Definition Pick Up lines

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  1. In my opinion every love story is beautiful..

    But ours will definitely be my favorite

  2. Are your parents drug dealers?

    Cause I’m definitely addicted to what they made

  3. Do you like hot foods

    If so, you definitely are what you eat

  4. Damn girl are you basic math

    because im definitely going to fuck this up

  5. You’re definitely a 9

    And I’m just the 6 you need

  6. This place must have good Wi-Fi

    Because I am definitely feeling a connection

  7. Girl, I hope you like Quiddich, because I'm definitely a keeper.

  8. Babe, your womb's *definitely* gonna remember this.

  9. Hey girl, that form definitely follows function.

  10. Are you the moon? Because I definitely see you reflecting the Son.

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Funny definition pickup lines

You must be known for you defense cause you definitely stole my heart.

I checked twice, and you are definitely on the naughty list!

If you were one of Santa’s reindeer, you’d definitely be Vixen.

Girl are you a new business cuz im definitely gonna penetrate you.

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Damn girl, what is your molecular unit of heredity? Cause I'd definitely like to get in your genes.

Are you my credit card?
Cause you definitely got my interest

Hey girl, if we were around Noah right now, he would definitely pair us together.

Are you the Dragonborn? Because I could definitely see you sucking out my dragons soul.

You remind me of my last biking accident

Cause I am definitely going head over heels for you...

You couldn't steal the championship from me but you definitely stole my heart.

(To use on boys) Are u a pencil?

Coz u should definitely let me sharpen ya ;)

Hey girl are you a keyboard?

Because you're definitely my type.

definition pickup line
Working Definition tinder opener

Girl, are you a piñata?

Cuz I definitely hit that.

Are you aware of Platform 9 and 3/4? Well, I know something else with the same definite estimations.

Girl, you better call Lester quick because you are definitely five stars.

The definition of justice: me getting to buy you dinner.

You’re definitely on my to-do list tonight.

Are you that mf like button?

Cause i’d definitely smash

You are definitely on my most wanted list.

I am normally a coffee kinda guy

But you are definitely my cup of tea.

Is your name George Washington? Cuz you definitely need some wood in your mouth.

Do you know me, baby? Because I definitely marimba you!

If you were a tea,

You would definitely be a cu- tea